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Best accommodation in Santorini

Want to stay in Santorini, but you are unsure of where to stay?

Here are some of the best and most beautiful options, each with its own style and flair.  Enjoy spectacular views, friendly hosts, and fabulous locations. Accommodation on Santorini Island is all about the views and the culture.  In my opinion, if you make the effort to go to Santorini for a dream holiday, you simply must look at accommodation which includes that fabulous picture-perfect views.

That way you also have a place to enjoy and just “chill-lax” on the days you don’t want to go out on sight-seeing adventures.  I love spending a day at my hotel or villa, just enjoying breakfast in my own little space and maybe enjoying some ‘alone time’.  Then the next day I am all ready for walking around and going on trips and tours to explore the surroundings.  It is all up to:  what YOU love.  So here are a few options for a lovely stay on Santorini Island:

Book your Accommodation on Santorini Island

Below are a few of our suggestions, but there are still loads more to choose from – in all budget ranges:  Link:  To search more Accommodation Options

5 Star Accommodation - for a 5 Star Holiday in Santorini

4 Star Accommodation - with friendly service and views.

3 Star Accommodation - with beautiful views

Fabulous activities to book for your stay on Santorini Island

Every holiday should include some fantastic, fun and fabulous activities.  Book your day-trips ahead of time, and enjoy your holiday.