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Africa Safari Tours

Exceptional Experiences

An African Safari is an exceptional and unique experience.  Especially if you encounter the Big 5.

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Africa in Pictures

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Kenya (Masai Mara) Tours & Trips

Multi-Day tours

Serengeti National Park Migration Safaris

Multi-Day tours
Every African safari trip or tour is unique.  Each day in Africa is unique.  Every minute on every African safari is unique in experience. 

Rwanda and Uganda Tours & Trips (gorilla visits)

Multi-Day tours

Zambia Tours & Trips (Livingstone & Victoria Falls)

Multi-Day tours

Mozambique / Maputo Tours & Trips (Safari and Beach)

Multi-Day tours
African sunsets and sunrises are super special moments.
South Africa Safari Holidays Trips and Tours

Namibia Safari Trips and Tours

Multi-Day tours


Make time to enjoy every moment.  Catch those early mornings with a coffee and some authentic South African rusks.  Love those sunsets with a sundowner and your camera close at hand.

Hiking & Trekking in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro Tours & Trips
Ethiopia Trips and Tours Holidays

Only one or two days for a safari trip are way too little.  At least book and spend 5 days.

What to pack for your safari trip

Travel Tips

  • Comfortable walking shoes are essential. 
  • Remember your sunscreen and a hat.
  • Always have bottled water with you and stay hydrated.
  • A camera is a must:  Don't forget your zoom camera lens, as you will want to capture those special moments at the waterholes.
Always remember

Safari Rule

An important rule on all safaris is to NEVER try and feed any animals (unless in a controlled supervised environment).

Kruger National Park (South Africa) Tours

Multi-Day tours
African Safari Experience
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