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Everything you need to know to go on a trip to see the Augrabies Waterfalls in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

During February 2021 the Augrabies waterfalls was again a spectacular sight.  The mighty Orange River and the Augrabies waterfalls in full force, is definitely worth the trip and worth seeing.   Although it is not exactly a “Victoria Falls”, this unique destination is still one of the most visited tourist attractions in South Africa.  Here is a quick travel guide with everything you need to know, to enjoy a fabulous trip to the Augrabies Falls.

Above on the right:  Photo credit AriveAlive FB group – “Augrabies in flood”.

The meaning of the word Augrabies

The name “Augrabies” is derived from the Nama word “Aukoerebis” , meaning “Place of Great Noise.” The name was given in reference to the Orange Rivers’ water thundering down the 56 m (183 feet) water Fall in the green Khalahari.

Best time to visit

Especially when in full flood:  In my opinion that would be the best time to visit, as only then you can really enjoy the full impact and force behind this waterfall in the desert.  However from March to May is normally the best time of the year to visit.  You’ll have lower day temperatures, but the falls should still be beautiful.  From the end of November to February, you can expect extremely hot days.  (We are talking more than 40°C in the shade.

Best time of the day

Going early morning is a very good idea as you’ll then skip the heat of the day and might also be lucky to skip the lines at the ticket office.  However for photos, sunset is definitely the best time.  Even when the river is at its lowest, the sun catching the water and the granite rocks makes for stunning photo opportunities.  Whenever you visit the park, always stay on the walkways. 

The operating times are from 07:00 to 19:00.

Finding the road to the waterfalls is easy

When staying in Upington it makes for a nice day trip and you can include places like Kakamas (approx. 20 min from Augrabies) and Kanoneiland (approx. 1hour from Augrabies) along the way.