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Australia’s Twelve Apostles, defined by Mother Nature

Australia’s Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks carved by Mother Nature as erosion took its toll. They are up to 50 m (160 ft.) high.

From the erosion, the soft limestone cliffs turn into caves in the cliffs. Later, these caves carved into arches. Eventually, the arches collapse, leaving the limestone stacks standing.

It’s anticipated that the existing headlands will eventually turn into new limestone stacks.

Did you know there are at least two tourist attractions in the world named “Twelve Apostles”? Both are provided to mankind with the compliments of Mother Nature.

Twelve Apostles Australia Great Ocean Road Background
Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles Twelve Apostles Forming Arches Australia
The gap between the Cliffs, known as Great Ocean Road.
Australia 12 Apostles Before the collapse in July 2005
Before the collapse.
The Twelve Apostles Melbourne Australia After the collapse
After the collapse.

A final thought. Who knows when the harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean will cause more Apostles to collapse? This extraordinary sight is worth visiting.

Things to do

Other than the look-out point, the coastline is a real gem to enjoy a walk on the beach. If you have time on your side, don’t rush it.

Another awesome place to visit, while in Australia, is Whitsundays Island – popular movie destination.

What’s in a name

This popular tourist attraction was originally known as the Pinnacles, and the Sow and Pigs (or Sow and Piglets, with Muttonbird Island being the Sow and the smaller rock stacks being the Piglets).

An anomaly!

You’d think because of the name there are 12 Apostles, but Australia’s Twelve Apostles were only eight to start with!

Furthermore, of the original eight Apostles, only seven have survived the erosion from the waves. The first lime stack collapsed in July 2005, measuring 50 m (160 ft) high.

How much time 

About two hours is a good estimate. 

South Africa's Twelve Apostles

South Africa's majestic Twelve Apostles towers above Cape Town's Atlantic ocean.

Plan your trip to Australia's Twelve Apostles

Map, location(s) & directions

The magnificent rock stacks tower majestically off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s dramatic coastline, in Australia.

Additional stacks are located to the west of Port Campbell National Park. Although the additional stacks are not part of the Apostles Group, they are a beautiful extension of the sight.

From Melbourne, allow for a four-hour drive along the Great Ocean Road to cover the 275 km to Australia’s Twelve Apostles.

Nearest airport

  • 160 km to King Island Airport.
  • 174 km to Portland Airport.
  • 182 km to Avalon Airport.
  • 238 km to Melbourne Airport.
  • 241 km to Essendon Airport.
  • 261 km to Mount Gambier Airport.

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