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The flower boxes of Austria

Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and in specific Tirol… you name it, when you see these houses you cannot help but stop for a photo.  All beautifully decorated with flower boxes overflowing with flower color. 

If there is one thing I admire from the Austrians (apart form my very long list of wonderful Austrian things), it is their ability to do window box displays.  The same goes for Switzerland and Germany.  Their buildings just come to life with these wonderful boxes of real growing flowers.  Yes, it is all real. (well mostly)

It is not only homes, but also hotels and restaurants, that are welcoming their guests with these wonderful flower displays.

Flowerboxes in Austria

There are definitely more reasons to visit Switzerland and Austria during summer time.  Yes, the snow is beautiful in winter, but in summer the lush green mountain slopes and pretty flowers, definitely makes it worth your while.

Gstaad Switzerland Traditional Guest House

You need to visit in Summer

Hotel Gletschergarten - Grindelwald, Switzerland
Bergwald - Alpbach, Austria

What type of flowers do they use

Mostly it is Petunias and Geraniums / Pelargoniums.  Many use the ‘cascade’ or ‘trailing’ geraniums which are also sometimes referred to as ‘European Alpine Geraniums’.  For height the normal Geraniums are used and maybe some Alyssum to give a more ‘trailing’ effect.  The colors red and pink are very popular as it really makes a spectacular display.