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It’s a bucket list destination

You don’t have to be a fan of the Bee Gees’ music to acknowledge they were one of the more successful groups producing hit after hit for over four decades. That said, if you ARE a fan of the bee Gees, this holiday destination is a must.

Barry was the oldest of the Gibb brothers, and also the longest living after the passing of Maurice and Robin. Albeit not in their group, their youngest brother Andy also passed away.

Redcliffe in Australia is where it all started

The three brothers signed their first music contract in 1958 sitting around the kitchen table of their family home in Redcliffe.  Therefore, it is rather apt that today there is a 70-meter monument connecting Redcliffe Parade and Sutton Street. Subsequently, this alley was renamed to Bee Gees Way, featuring from album covers to photos to the artwork of all four of the brothers.

The monument in the Bee Gee Way illustrates six stages of their musical career:

  • We found paradise – life in Redcliffe
  • Heading to London in search of fame
  • Americanisation of the Bee Gees
  • Catching the Fever
  • Mythology
  • Life Changers

Statues are great photo opportunities

There is more than one photo opportunity with famous music legends. A 1.7-meter-tall statue of the brothers as youngsters showcases a plaque of their nicknames, Basser, Bodding, and Woggie writing in Barry’s handwriting.

A 2-meter-tall bronze statue commemorates the famous group’s musical success when they were at their peak.

Family fun holiday

With light shows at night and their music playing in the background, Bee Gees Way is a family outing not to miss. Day or night, it’s worth visiting and experiencing the nostalgia of an era that will always remind us that success is possible from small beginnings. No wonder then that Barry is an example of humbleness and strong family values. The fame and fast lifestyle that comes along with their phenomenal success never got to his marriage. He is still married and enjoys privileged family life with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

There is a wide range of restaurants, bistros, bars, and cafes in short distance to enjoy anything from breakfast to dinner.

The Bee Gees way is wheelchair accessible.