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We've got you covered with a variety of hand-picked Budapest accommodation options.

Budapest has no shortage of lodging options, but the question is which one will be suitable for YOUR needs. Finding a happy place when searching for Budapest accommodation can be quite tricky if you don’t know some inside travel tips.

For starters, the public transport system is excellent in Budapest, from trains to bus transfers, to taxis. If you don’t feel like exploring on foot, you can rent all forms, shapes, and sizes in a 2-wheel transport from across the city.

In terms of location, a room with a view of the Danube river is the cherry on the cake. And even better if you stay on the Pest side, because not only is it near to most sightseeing attractions but you also have a view of the Buda castle on the other side of the river.

Budapest accommodation varies from sheer luxury to the basics. Whatever your need, this glorious city has it all. 

A room with a view of the Danube

Enjoy a view of the famous Chain Bridge while being only 800 m from St Stephen’s Basilica.

Budapest accommodation bonus

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, the below hotel map is a great tool to find places to stay in Budapest. With quick price tags, the map helps to plan a budget-friendly holiday in Budapest.

@TravelandHome's choice five stars stay in Budapest city center - Párisi Udvar

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We stayed for 3 nights. It was way too short. The staff were super friendly from the moment you step inside to the moment you leave. Breakfast is superb. Near the hotel is a convenient stop for the Hop on Hop Off bus, which was a bonus.
Budapest Accommodation Parisi Udvar travelandhome 1
Budapest Accommodation Parisi Udvar travelandhome 10

Heritage and ultimate comfort

The hotel was intended to be a glass-roofed neoclassical shopping arcade, designed by the same architect who designed the Hungarian National Museum, namely Mihay Pollack. The original 1817-building was almost completely demolished and got a brand new look by 1913. It survived World War I and II but suffered severe damage from the 1956 revolution. 

Today Párisi Udvar (or “Paris Court”) is a combination of Art Deco, Neo-Gothic, Moorish, and Art Nouveau details, stunning ceramic, metal, and wood ornamentation, exquisite glass domes, turrets, tiled façade, and gargoyles.

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Brudern House (1907) - Budapest architecture

Experience the SPECTACLE OF THIS ARCHITECTURAL WONDER. Whether you have coffee, lunch, dinner, or just drinks, you just have to pop in. Go inside to Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest and be swept away! The beautiful wall carvings, ceilings, and the many different types of floor coverings will have your head going in multiple directions all the time.
“Look where you walk!” has a new meaning when you walk into BRUDERN HOUSE. The ‘mettlachi’ floor cladding was originally made by Villeroy and Boch (and exquisitely kept updated over the years) and you will also see mosaic and glass inserts.
Address: Ferenciek ter 10
HUNGARY Budapest Brudern House Ceiling
HUNGARY Brudern House Architecture
HUNGARY Budapest Brudern House Floor Tiles
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