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Anniversary / Christmas and/or Birthday Gift Ideas for those loving to travel

Great Original Gift Ideas for travelers that they would actually use and love.

Once a traveler – Always a travel lover:  No matter if the person can travel right now or only in the far future, people loving to travel will always love these gift ideas.  Even for those not able to travel again, we have a few great ideas that might help to keep those memories of their travels alive. Here is a list of Travel and Home’s Best gift ideas for Travelers.

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A Virtual Tour

For everyone who cannot travel to beautiful places:  An online Virtual Tour of your favorite country, is the next best thing. 

Explore and do some sight-seeing from the comfort of your own home without wearing a mask.

This is the perfect gift for someone who used to travel, but maybe due to illness cannot travel anymore.  The memories of places they’ve visited in the past, might just bring a lot more than just a few smiles.

In my opinion it is also an excellent anniversary gift.  Set up a romantic setting at home and enjoy a trip to that romantic destination.  This way you can afford to go everywhere.

Online Cooking classes from all over the world is a great party idea.

Cooking Experience

For newlyweds or anyone that loves cooking, an online cooking class or workshop can be the perfect gift.  

Remember that friend who always said she is dreaming of going to Italy and attending a cooking class in Tuscany?  Well this might just be the perfect gift for her.  Something she will never ever forget.

Someone who is far from home and craving some “home comfort food” would love a gift like this.  


Do you know someone who is dreaming of having his/her own cooking show?  The  perfect gift:  Sign them up (with their consent, with Eatwith and let them become an online host.

  • Earn money cooking what you love.
  • Flexibility to create your own menu & schedule.
  • Easy set up with no fixed-cost.
  • Join a global community of talented hosts.

To me, this sounds like the perfect “to me, from me” gift…

6 Best Travel Gifts - to wrap up

A photo Box-Frame

To keep all those mementos from travels.  This is also the perfect solution to easily display your own travel souvenirs.

Memory gifts

If you know someone who fell in love with a specific place during previous travels, buy them something to always remind them of that trip. Eg.:  A cookbook from that country or an item made specifically in that country.

A luggage Scale

A small portable luggage scale is always a handy gift for any traveler.  We all will travel again somehow, someday…

International Adaptor Plug

A handy gift for someone going on a gap-year experience or anyone traveling the world for the first time.  Buy one that includes USB ports for easy charging.

A special travel pillow

This gift can be used on international flights as well as for local road trips.  Offering the perfect head support for traveling by car, bus, train or airplane.

City or Priority Pass

Give them a city pass to any destination in the world.  You can also give a priority pass to airport lounges.  This will definitely be a welcome gift to everyone who needs to regularly travel for business.  Keep this in mind for future travels.

Destination Gifts:

If you know the person is planning a trip to a specific destination, buy a gift that is ‘destination appropriate’. 

Eg.:  Dreaming of the Maldives, Zanzibar or Bora Bora – a Sarong for the ladies and a fedora for the men. 

Or maybe give them a special experience gift which you can easily book online through these Get Your Guide or Viator Links.

This is one of the Best gifts for Travelers ever.


Excellent Gift Wrap Idea

Wrap the gift in an old map.  If you don’t have one, simply print a few maps and paste them together to create your own ‘wrapping paper’.   You can then print a map of the specific destination in mind.