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Best Greek Islands to visit in September October Crete
Best Greek Islands to visit in September October Beautiful Crete
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European Autumn Holidays

Greece is one of the most popular destinations in Europe to visit during the early autumn months. Namely, September to the beginning of October.

Avoid summer temperatures

In September and in October, the weather is typically still pretty pleasant. On the Greek islands, this is a fantastic time of year to go sightseeing and engage in outdoor sports.

Avoid tourist crowds

The new school year in Greece starts on September 11.  If September 11 is a Saturday or Sunday, then the start date would be the following Monday. Therefore, many families have returned home, and the crowd factor is substantially less.

Also, June to August is the peak season for large cruise ships to visit the Greek islands.

Avoid higher prices

July and August are the high-season (peak season) months, while June and September are referred to as the “shoulder months”. The prices are much lower in the shoulder months.

So, considering all the above you will get much more value for money if you book your holiday from mid-September to mid-October.

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Greek Islands to visit in autumn

I have a few more travel tips for you to consider when you plan your trip

Click on the double-down arrows next to each Greek Island’s name for a mini-travel guide and travel tips you must know before you go.

With September being the fourth warmest month in Santorini, it’s still very much beach weather.

September also brings the second hottest seawater temperatures of the year, after August.

The wind from the north, the Meltemi, may influence your itinerary as it can make the sea quite rough. But if you are flexible with your planned activities, you will be fine.

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There are still plenty of tours and activities to do during September and October. For example, visiting the ancient ruins on the island of Delos and enjoying a breathtaking Mykonian sunset.

Visiting Mykonos from mid-September to mid-October won’t have you enjoying the warm July/August temperatures, but it will allow you to see the island in a different light.

October is a great month for stunning sunsets.

The island is known for its beach parties and vibrant nightlife during the high season. Therefore, Mykonos in September is my favorite time to enjoy the less crowded beaches, sightseeing, and evening dinners. October is too cool to my liking to do beach hopping.

Due to the frequently very high Meltemi winds that blow on the island, Mykonos is nicknamed as “The Island of the Winds.” So, be flexible with your itinerary.

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Crete Greece Greek Islands best hotel in Crete travel and home

During the shoulder month of September, you may get lunch at a beachside taverna, rent a beach umbrella, and visit a secluded church in a mountain pass because most shops and attractions are open. Flights and hotels are readily available, and prices are moderate. Even last-minute offers might be found.

September is less windy, slightly cooler but still sunny. Whereas some rain will fall during October, especially on the western side of Crete.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has plenty of sightseeing activities in addition to its gorgeous beaches and delicious traditional dishes. I absolutely believe in hopping on a sightseeing bus before I endeavor to explore on my own. This is when I really get to decide what I want to see, and when. Also check out the suggested reading below for links to the various day trips, activities, tours, and attractions.

Beautiful wildflowers bloom in May and may be seen all across the island’s natural wonders.

Rhodes holidays

When it comes to Rhodes, shopping and partying are two highly popular activities. But that’s not all. You also have a lot of exploring to do in this amazing medieval town. For example, the stunning Lindos Castle, superb museums and on some days, you can walk on the Walls of the city. There is so much more to do on Rhodes Island. Check out the links below for more things to do.

Travel tip… September or October? If you go in September, you will have plenty of beach days left, so book holiday accommodation with a sea view, or at least near the beach. However, you may want to stay in town towards the end of October, so you are closer to all the sightseeing attractions. Check out the average temperatures in our graph.

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