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Vacation Rentals & Accommodation in Budakalász - Hungary

Looking at photos of Hungary on the internet you might have thought that it is an old country in the middle of…Europe or somewhere and it only has a lot of historical places to see…  Wrong!  You won’t believe the beautiful hidden gems that are available for accommodation.  Unique places to stay and sometimes relatively unknown to the bigger world out there. Have you been to Budakalász Hungary?

Where is Budakalász and why you should go

This beautiful small holiday destination is situated in Pest county, Budapest metropolitan area, in Hungary.  Lupa Beach is the place to stop.  Often referred to as “Budapest’s Seaside” you can have a lot of beach fun on the sandy shores or at the beach club.  It’s fun for the whole family and has quite a Caribbean feel at times.

How to get to Budakalász

Flying in?

The nearest airport is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Self-drive vacation?

Budakalász is only 36 min (15,7 km) from Budapest via Route 11.

Glamping in Budakalász - Hungary

Accommodation in Hungary

Now, this is what you call “A room with a view”.  Beautiful location.   

Even though Hungary is a landlocked country, meaning it has no coastline, you will feel as though you are having a beach holiday in the middle of Hungary.

Room with a view in Budakalasz

If you’re looking for a beautiful hidden gem and unique place to stay in Hungary, this might just be what you are looking for.


There is a restaurant and you’ll have access to free wi-fi.

beach holiday in Hungary

Go Camping in Budakalász - Hungary

The area offers a lot of fun outdoor activities, such as hiking, snorkeling, cycling, and a water park for the whole family.

If camping is your thing, the Lupa Camping site is really worth a try.  Again great location with beautiful views..  Lots to do for the whole family and the tents are lovely and clean.  No need to bring your own tent, so this is also perfect for a family wanting to try camping for the first time without the need to go out and buy a tent and all the necessities.

Lupa Camping Site in Hungary
Lupa Camping Site near Budapest

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