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When visiting Venice, you just have to include Murano and Burano to your itinerary.  Both are definitely worth a visit.

You can add visits to these islands as day trips and experience the fabulous cuisine, shops and views while visiting in Venice.  Or take more time to explore and experience the culture while staying on one of the islands.

Burano Venice Day trips

A gentle boat trip takes you to Burano

Burano is less than an hour by boat and the ferry will take you there without any worries.  When searching photos online before your trip, you’ll expect to be greeted by the brightly colored, beautifully painted buildings.

Things to do in Burano

Although some tourists rate Burano as “over appreciated”, the island does make for fabulous photos.  (It is known as one of the most colorful travel destinations in the world.)  Legend has it that the buildings (within this former fisherman’s village) were painted in bright colors for the fishermen to see it easily coming in from the sea. These days it is a tourist attraction.  But what also attracts tourists to Burano is the beautiful lace

3 Must visit-places in Burano

  1. The Lace Museum is located at the historic palace of Podestà of Torcello, in Galuppi square, on the island of Burano, near Venice, Italy. (7 min walk from Burano “C” ferry terminal)
  2. Martina Vidal Venice is a family-run flagship store selling luxurious handmade Burano lace & linen garments & household items. (Near ferry terminal – Burano “C”)
  3. Laces by Olga is a craft store offering lace handmade items, such as tablecloths, placemats, scarves & dresses. (7 min walk from Burano “C” ferry terminal)

Just wondering around the island you’ll find cute little shops to buy souvenirs, but if you do, you have to buy lace.  It’s sort of why you go there in the first place…

There are no shortage of restaurants and places to eat or stop for something to drink.

Things to do in Burano

Taking the ferry to Murano

While elsewhere in the world you might find fake Murano glass for sale, here on Murano Island you’ll find the real authentic handmade Murano glass:  The stuff that shouts ‘buy me’ and ‘take me home’.  You can easily fall in love with Murano glass items and there are such an incredible variety on show and available to buy that you might find yourself in quite a predicament. 

The very difficult choice of “what should I buy?”  We don’t have the answer either, but one thing we do know:  If at all possible, buy something, anything, big or small.  A visit to Murano is not complete without taking home a genuine Murano Glass item as souvenir.

3 Must-visit places in Murano

  1. Former Church Santa Chiara Murano – The Glass Cathedral of Santa Chiara:  Attend the fabulous live glass working demonstrations, and explore their beautiful collection of Murano glass.
  2. Original Murano Glass OMG® Factory & Showroom – handmade in Venice Italy, since 1291 – A showroom with beautiful items you can just fall in love with.  (Also check out this article:  6 essential Tips to identify a Murano Glass before you Buy.)
  3. Glass Museum (Murano) – Explore the history of Venetian glassmaking, from the 15th century to the present.

All over the island you’ll find many glass and mirror shops and lots of opportunities to witness a glass ‘blowing’ demonstration.

Things to do in Murano

Burano vs Murano: That is the question...

Both of these islands are definitely worth a visit: Each in their own way.  It might not be fairytale beauty or inexpensive shopping trips that draw you here, but it sure is something for your travel bucket list. In my own opinion, I would do both.  Both Murano and Burano has something special on offer to the world traveler.

Burano Italy worth a visit

How much time do I need to visit Murano and Burano

Taking a guided tour is a fabulous option (you can easily manage your time), but if you’re planning on strolling along and stopping at the shops in your own time, we would suggest you set aside about 2  –  6 hours.  (Depending on how much you love investigating and sight-seeing.)  A 6 hour trip would include Torcello as well.

How to get to the islands / Where to buy tickets

Burano is about half an hour from Murano and Murano is about 10 minutes by boat from Venice.  Below are a few of the best “skip-the-line” tours that you can book easily online.  

Accommodation in Burano and Murano

Love to see more of Murano and Burano in a video?  Check out this video of Pedro Nascimento.

007 and the Glass shop

DID YOU KNOW:  Venini shop located at Piazzetta dei Leoncini next to Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy – was the location used in the James Bond movie Moonraker – fight scene in the glass shop – you can still visit Venini shop in Venice.

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