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Charcuterie boards - A French culinary art

Since At Least The 15th Century!

Charcuterie Boards, the solution to easy entertaining.

We tell you more and show you how… 

French Cuisine

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Carcuterie board ideas

What is Charcuterie

Charcuterie is a term used for the preparation of meat products, such as:

  • ham
  • bacon
  • salami
  • sausage
  • pâtés
  • terrines
  • and confit…

It is mostly a combination of pork meat products, however, nowadays they do add items such as beef and more fruit such as grapes.

The origin

Charcuterie is derived from the French words “chair” (flesh), and “cut” (cooked).

This fabulous ‘way of easy entertaining‘ quickly spread across the world.  You’ll find that everyone has their own version of a charcuterie board and actually the ideas are limitless.

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What is on a charcuterie board

When referring to a charcuterie board it may contain more elements than just meat.  For example:

  • Bread and jam
  • Nuts and fruit (cherry tomatoes)
  • Olives
  • Tapenade
  • Pickles
  • An assortment of Cheeses
  • Biscuits / Crackers
There are many different ideas around charcuterie boards…
Carcuterie Board

An important thing to remember when putting together a charcuterie board is to not overload it with cheese and other items, as the main focus should remain on the meat.  A variety of meat is the best way to go.  Then add the rest to compliment the meat.

Charcuterie board ideas

For a fabulous evening of easy entertaining:  Do more than one platter/board and invite your friends and family.  Pair with your favorite wine and you are ready to go.  

Alternatively, it is a great idea for a fast and easy to prepare dinner party for your own family.

There are no hard and fast rules anymore.  You can buy your meat from the local butcher or deli.  If you don’t have either close to your home, buy your favorite cold meat selection at your supermarket, but remember quality is key.

Finally, decorate the board with color:  Olives, baby tomatoes, fresh parsley, and green peppers can add instant color.  But don’t overdo it. 

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