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Chefchaouen is known as the “Blue City” of Morocco (or Chaouen).    Founded in 1471 and located in the Chefchaouen mountains in the northwest of Morocco, this is a tourist must-see.

chefchaouen blue city morocco

For the traveler loving photo opportunities

The blue city is filled with lots of beautifully decorated courtyards that are all perfect photo opportunities.  I believe after taking a few photos you will say the words:  “just one more”, quite a few times more…  That is how it feels to walk through this city all painted in lovely shades of light blue.  Getting lost in the small alleys is all part of the fun and exploration.

Why is the city in Morocco painted blue?

Well, there are many theories, but it kind of remains a mystery.  Legend has it that the blue symbolize the sky and heaven; to remind people to lead a spiritual life.  However, according to the locals, it was simply painted blue to attract tourists.  I think it was a very clever idea as tourists flock to this city.  Undoubtedly if you ask the locals you will hear many more legends around this decision of paint color.

What is Chefchaouen known for

Apart from being known for the color blue, Chefchaouen is also a popular shopping destination.  Here you can find many native hand-crafted items that are not available elsewhere in Morocco.  Morocco cuisine needs no introduction, but do try the goats’ cheese which is native to this area.

As always, photo opportunities in foreign countries, means looking for the perfect Cat Photo.

Things to do

How to get to The Blue City

You can fly from Marrakech to Tangier, Tetouan or Fes.  

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A Walk Through Chefchaouen Morocco – The Blue City

Is Morocco expensive to travel to

In my opinion Chefchaouen is definitely a must see for travelers loving “something different”.

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