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Christmas In July - Twice The Joy!

The exact date when the tradition started is not all that clear.  One theory is that Christmas in July originated because of a few Irish tourists back in 1980.  They were on holiday in Sydney’s Blue Mountains in New South Wales during July and spotted some snow. Super excited about the snow, they convinced the local hotel to hold a “Yulefest”, meaning a mid-winter feast. Everyone had a ball and the owner saw it as another opportunity for his growing business. Soon the owner’s initiative was so popular that others also jumped in. Such as gift stores, restaurants, and clubs offering discounts and even creating special menus for dinner reservations. 

Another theory is more simplistic. Namely that Christmas in July originated in Europe from a desire to celebrate Christmas in the European summer.

In time, the concept spread over to the Southern Hemisphere and today it’s very popular to celebrate Christmas also in July!