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Germany is known for its extravagant and super beautiful Christmas Markets.  Fairytale experiences all over, no matter where you go.  It is incredibly difficult to choose between them as they are all showered in the Christmas Magic Atmosphere.  No matter which Christmas Market in Germany you go to, you will get that Magical-Christmas-in-Germany-Feeling in your heart and you will want to go back again and again.

Here are a few of our favorite Christmas Markets in Germany.


Frankfurt Germany Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas market in the historic quarter of the city around Römerburg and Paulsplatz is magical.  Normally the market is between the last week of November and the week just before Christmas. 

GENERAL TRAVEL TIP for Christmas Markets all over the world: 

It is always best to check online before you go to any market.  Check directly with the specific markets’ website, as some of the other smaller travel websites do not always get around to changing their information on time.  This way you will be sure to get the most relevant and updated information needed for your trip.

Accommodation near Frankfurt Christmas Market


The Cologne Christmas Markets will definitely impress you.  The market in front of the famous Cologne Cathedral receives millions of visitors each year and the Christmas tree is usually very impressive.

On their website (link above) you will find a map to all the markets as well as information on travel, history, and the opening dates for each market.

Best Christmas Markets around the world Dream holiday

Accommodation in Cologne Germany

There are some beautiful places to stay near the Christmas Market.  From here you can explore the city and enjoy late evening strolls.

Where to stay in Cologne near the Christmas Market


The Leipzig Christmas Market in the City Centre, Marktplatz (Market Square) is huge.  The Classic Christmas Market stretches all the way from the famous Augustusplatz to Petersstrasse and is one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Germany.  Still, it never disappoints at all in fact the sparkle grows stronger each year.  (Video below)

Where to stay near Leipzig Christmas Market


Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is one of the largest Christmas markets and offers a wide variety of delights for the young and the old. 

With attractions like the Stollen festival (‘Stollenfest’) and a Christmas Bakery, they capture the magic of Christmas for the children especially.

“Visitors to Dresden’s Striezelmarkt can look forward to the children‘s discovery zone – a great source of fun for the young and old, with the Wichtelhaus (‘elves’ house’), Plaumentoffelhaus and Knusperhaus, or the Christmas bakery. The themed houses are joined by a children’s railway and enchanted forest as integral parts of the discovery zone.

On the days after the official opening, the Striezelmarkt’s Santa opens a new window of the Advent calendar every day at 4.15pm, as Christmas Eve gets closer and closer. Meanwhile, the puppet theatre, has lots of funny and exciting fairy tales and stories to tell.”

No matter where in the world you are this Christmas, make time and spend a while at a Christmas market.  Soak up the atmosphere and recharge your batteries with the showers of love and peace.

Where to stay in Dresden

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