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Zanzibar, The Rock Restaurant

Eating out is more than just “eating out”. With the world changing around us each and every day, eating out is becoming the number one social activity in the list of “what to do, where to go, what to see…”.

Not only is this the opportunity to meet with friends and family outside your home, but it is also an opportunity to explore new places and new tastes.

Let’s get into our list of Deliciously Different Restaurants, our choice of tasty eating out venues, with a difference!

Zanzibar, The Rock Restaurant

Rock My Boat

If eating out is a status symbol, then my first pick today is The Rock Restaurant. If the price tags are in your budget, this is the restaurant to visit. I recommend a group booking in celebration of a special event!

The Rock Restaurant is a unique experience in the middle of the ocean, specializing in seafood. You are set for an extraordinary experience at this world-famous restaurant.

China, Fangweng Restaurant


It’s A Tasty Cliffhanger

Once you look past the massive drop (I have vertigo, so to me it is massive)  you can enjoy a traditional meal with a beautiful view overlooking the Yangtze River. A tip is to book well in advance!  (Phone: 07176927777) This unique dining experience is tucked into a cave about 12 km north of Yichang.

Thailand, The Grotto

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Speaking about caves, The Grotto restaurant is set in a limestone cave at the Rayavadee resort on the Phranang Beach. This is romance galore. Soft sand under your feet, a beautiful view of the ocean, good food and good company… Need I say more?

The speciality food is a tasty seafood barbecue. Alternatively, you can enjoy light snacks and delicious desserts. Make a reservation well in advance.

Italy, La Sponda