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Disney Christmas Magic 

Christmas Main

Christmas is a feeling, an atmosphere, indescribable, lights, food, family but also the experiences you find around the world.  One such magical Christmas experience is at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA.  Why not book ‘n flight and experience the Disney Christmas Magic at Walt Disney World Resort.

Watch Walt Disney World’s Christmas parade in the USA

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Where to stay

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Book your accommodation in Orlando Florida, just a few minutes from Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Park.  Some of them also include a few things that might make your stay much easier and happier.

Travel Tip:  Should you wish to save money, book at a hotel or B&B outside of the resort.  Obviously, rates are cheaper out of season, so if you’re not going at Christmas time, you could save a lot.  Especially on accommodation.

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When to visit for a Christmas experience

Christmas decorations normally start in early November and end only in January, but from the 23rd of December to the 31st of January is a very popular time to visit Disney.  Naturally a very busy time for the resort but the ultimate time to experience the Disney Christmas Magic.

Walt Disney World USA

A show-stopper during Christmas time in the USA is the San Antonio River Walk.  It is a beautiful experience during Christmas, but actually all year round.

Travel tips - if you're on a budget

We all know a trip to Disney can be very expensive, so a travel tip from me to you is:  Buy your own snacks outside of the park.  You can buy snacks from the normal shops outside of the park and it would be much cheaper than buying in the park or at the hotels.

There are drinking fountains all over the park.  Bring refillable water bottles.  It is much cheaper than buying a new bottle of water each time.

Pack essentials like sunscreen, hats, painkillers, and Band-Aids, just in case.  It is better to take it along in your backpack than buying it inside.

And on that note:  A Backpack is the best thing ever as it keeps your hands free.

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Things to do

…while you are in Orlando Florida:

If you’re going to Disneyland in America any time during the year, take extra time to explore Orlando Florida.  Here are a few things you might like.

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