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Dwarskersbos is a seaside village along the Atlantic Ocean. 

Situated in the West Coast District, Western Cape in South Africa, Dwarskersbos has a beautiful beach and a lot to offer, although it is a very small town.

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If you love beautiful sunsets and long uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, Dwarskersbos is the place to visit.

Famous with holiday makers and located next to the fishing village of Laaiplek, you will definitely want to have your own vehicle when visiting.  Especially if there are a few places you would like to explore like the towns of Saldanha or Vredenburg.  Also if you are a keen fisherman you would definitely want to bring your fishing gear along.

The name Dwarskersbos comes from a plant growing in the area called “Kersbos” in Afrikaans. Being the perfect place to switch of those cell phones and just enjoy a beach weekend with sandy feet and fresh ocean breezes.  

Long walks on the beach early morning or in the evening, coffee shop visits during the day or sightseeing in the nearby villages.  It is all part of the West Coast experience, as is the opportunity to “braai” your own freshly caught fish.

Map, location(s) & directions

International airport

Your nearest airport will be Cape Town International (CPT)

You might also want to visit the beautiful Langebaan while in the West Coast of South Africa.

Where to stay

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The most preferred accommodation option is to get a self-catering home with a braai facility. 

During our stay in Dwarskersbos we rented a house in typical style of the village.  Therefore giving us the opportunity to buy fresh fish locally for our braai that evening.  You may also be lucky enough to get crayfish, when in season.  With this in mind, the sound of crashing waves only a few meters away from our house, certainly made it one of the most peaceful experiences ever.

Something that will definitely catch your eye as you drive through the village is the “spiral–snail–shaped” houses of Slakkepas (now an iconic sight along the way).

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Things to do

Definitely add a visit to the West Coast National Park and the Rocherpan Nature reserve to your itinerary.  Also allow enough time for surfing, swimming and some hiking.

Self-drive sightseeing tours, is an awesome way to experience the culture and enjoy the West Coast.  Be sure to stop at Bokkomlaan in Velddrif and buy some bokkoms to snack.

What is a “Bokkom” you ask?  Well here is Wikipedia’s explanation:

“Bokkoms (or Bokkems) is whole, salted and dried mullet (more specifically the Southern mullet, Chelon richardsonii, a type of fish commonly known in the Western Cape of South Africa as “harders”), and is a well-known delicacy from the West Coast region of South Africa. This salted fish is dried in the sun and wind and is eaten after peeling off the skin. In some cases it is also smoked. It is sometimes referred to as “fish biltong”.”

You have to try it at least once in your life.

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While you're on the West Coast

Visit Velddrif / Veldrif :  A pretty coastal fishing town situated right where the Berg River flows into St. Helena Bay.  This is also where you will find Port Owen – a beautiful marina in the town of Velddrif with 3.5 km of waterways.

Things to do:

  • Visit the La Vita Spa – Port Owen Marina Resort & Spa
  • Have Coffee at ‘Die Emmertjie’ under the trees
  • Go on a river cruise
Port Owen Velddrif
Port Owen Marina Velddrif
Velddrif SA
Port Owen Marina on the Berg River in Velddrif

Where to stay in Velddrif

First Group Port Owen is a beautiful place to stay.  Right on the waterways of the Berg River you can book really nice accommodation.