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The best things to do in beautiful eastern Bulgaria

The "Pearl of the Black Sea", Nessebar

Things to do when you visit the ancient city of Nessebar in Eastern Bulgaria min
Things to do when you visit the ancient city of Nessebar in Eastern Bulgaria min

How many days in Nessebar?

This quaint city with its cobblestone streets can be done as a day trip but staying a night or two can be quite relaxing. Especially if you’re having some me-time at one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea!

The ancient city of Nessebar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Top sights in Nessebar:

  • Archaeological Museum, as you enter through the old town gates. Travel Tip: Ask for a combined ticket at the museum to cover most of the churches and also the Ethnographic Museum.
  • Nessebar Beach, next to the Burgas Beach Hotel.
  • Charming medieval Church of Christ Pantokrator, and museum.
  • Remains of the Church of Saint Sophia of the Byzantine-era.
  • Church of St Stephen.
  • Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
  • Church of Saint Paraskeva.
  • Nessebar Beach, next to the Burgas Beach Hotel.
  • Old windmill and St. Nicholas Statue, overlooking the harbor of South Nessebar Bay.
  • Aквапарк Несебър / Aquapark Nessebar.


Only 49 km from Primorsko, lies Burgas.

Things to do when you visit Burgas in Eastern Bulgaria min

Top sights in Burgas:

  • The Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius is known for striking stained-glass windows over its main entrance.
  • Ethnographic Museum explores Bulgarian folk culture, with colorful costumes and everyday items.
  • St. Anastasia Island is a small islet with a monastery and a lighthouse.
  • The Sea Garden is a big coastal park with gardens, statues, and summer theatre performances.
  • Lake Atanasovsko where you’ll find the Phoenicopterus roseus, the largest species of the flamingo family.
  • Lake Pomorie is a natural lagoon with migratory birds.
  • Lake Burgas is a reservoir with many fish and birds.
  • Nature Conservation Center Poda is a protected area where bird-lovers must look out for the white stork.
  • Sea Casino.
  • Scenic Lake Mandrensko for kayaking and birdwatching.
  • Парк Росенец (beach).



Another village with cobblestone streets, taking you back in time. I just love the harbor-side cafes and restaurants. 

It lies between Burgas and Primorsko, on the coast of the Black Sea, and makes for a great half-day trip from Primorsko.



Things to do when you visit Primorsko in Eastern Bulgaria
Things to do when you visit Primorsko in Eastern Bulgaria

This seaside resort town lies in the Burgas Province on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast on a gore 52 km and has a beach strip of about 1 km².


Top sights in Primorsko, are the:

  • Ropotamo Nature Reserve with varied wildlife in a wetland habitat.
  • Primorsko North Beach.
  • Maslen point for scuba diving.
  • Akva Planet waterpark.


A day trip recommendation, 6.8 km north of Primorsko:

  • Beglik Tash, the oldest and largest prehistoric and rock sanctuary (ancient Thracian sanctuary from 16 BCE) was used by the Thracian tribes in the Iron Age. 

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