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when you visit Hungary

When you talk about wine to Hungarians, they are quick to point out that you simply must explore Eger, also known as “The Baroque Pearl” of Europe. And that’s exactly what ‘Travel and Home’ did. 

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Best time to visit Eger

This charming city is one of the travel bucket list destinations of Hungary. You’ll know you’re nearby when out of nowhere, the vineyards start popping up on the outskirts of the city. Indeed, a beautiful sight in the summer with juicy grapes hanging from the vines, ready to be turned into wine.

You’ll enjoy warm sunny days between June to August, generally ranging from the upper 20’s to around the mid-’30s. The humidity in July/early-August can be quite high, sometimes exceeding your comfort level. (We visited Eger in August – re photos and video material.)

In autumn (September to November) you have the warm autumn-colored leaves (especially around end-October / mid-November), putting on a spectacular display.

Winter is most definitely not a season for tourism in Hungary. Days are grey, there’s little sunshine, daylight hours are short, and it is cold. In addition, most noteworthy attractions close during the winter months.