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The Most Beautiful And Epic Greek Islands

Listed by size.

From the largest Greek islands to the smallest, Greece is calling you…!


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21 Tinos 75 sq. miles / 194 sq. km, Cyclades

Tinos is known by worshipers as the spiritual heart of Greece. Therefore, a visit to Panagia Megalochari church is a must-do activity. This charming island is a perfect combination of picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecotes, stone-made houses, little squares, and churches.

The nearest airport to Tinos is in Mykonos, namely Mykonos International Airport.

From the port of Piraeus or from Rafina port, it will take you between 4 to 5 hours by ferry. You can also reach Tinos from the port of Mykonos.


Samothraki Samothrace Greece Island TravelBuddies TravelAndHome
22 Samothrace 69 sq. miles / 178 sq. km, North Aegean Islands

Also known as Samothraki

Samothrace is one of the most rugged of the Greek Islands, with Mt. Saos and its tip Fengari rising to 1,611 m (5,285 ft).

Granite and basalt are the Samothrace’s major resources. So it’s to no surprise that the 2.5-meter statue of Nike is a marble statue on the famous Sanctuary of Great Gods site. Known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace the statue dates back to 190BC. Pieces from the original statue were discovered in 1863 and the now headless display can be seen in the Louvre in Paris.

Samothrace does not have an airport. Thus, taking a ferry is the only way to get to Samothrace. Ferries usually run from Limnos and Lesvos islands. Also from the mainland, namely Kavale and Alexandroupoli. Ferries are subject to seasons time changes. 


Greece Milos Sun Fishermens Houses Best Greek Islands to Visit
23 Milos Μήλος 58 sq. miles / 151 sq. km, Cyclades

Milos is the typical ideal Greek island holiday. Spectacular beaches with the most amazing sunsets, white-washed villages, fascinating history, excellent Greek cuisine, and amazing people with good hearts! Forget about nightlife, here you have a proper city-escape.

Milos has a small airport. However, our suggestion is to take an early morning Sea Jet (about 4 to 5 hours cruise) from Athens to Milos. Coupled with a return journey combined and a stop-over (island-hopping) at one or two islands on your way to Athens makes for a stunning holiday experience. 


Kea Greece Sunset Island Greek Cyclades List of Greek Islands to visit
24 Kea Κέα 51 sq. miles / 132 sq. km, Cyclades

Also known as Tzia


Kea’s location so near to Athens makes it a popular weekend getaway.  Similarly, it’s a perfect day trip from Athens.

This beautiful unsung hidden gem has one of the best walking paths and trails systems of any Greek island. IN addition to that, Kea has a uniqueness of its own with its wild western slopes. 

It’s not just the beautiful beaches they have, they also have olive groves, and oh yes, shipwrecks! Subsequently, scuba diving is a popular activity around the many shipwrecks submerged beside Kea.

Kea does not have an airport. Your shortest transfer (about 1 hour) from Athens is to buy a ferry ticket(s) from Lavrion port, Athens


Amorgos Chora cyclades greece aegean sea hellas greek island hopping architecture travel and home travelbuddies
25 Amorgos 47 sq. miles / 121 sq. km, Cyclades

From Amorgos, you have plenty of ferries to choose from to visit more of Greece’s beautiful islands. For instance, Mykonos, Naxos, Syros, and many more.

The 1988 movie “The Big Blue” was filmed here. The island not only has fabulous beaches, but it also has mysterious caves and mind-blowing natural landscapes.

Amorgos does not have an airport. Therefore you need to book a ferry from Piraeus port in Athens to Amorgos. The island has 2 ports. Namely, Aegialis and Katapola. 


emborios northernmost part island Kalymnos Greece coastline travelbuddies travel and home
26 Kalymnos 42.5 sq. miles / 110 sq. km, Dodecanese

If you’re into rock climbing, you have no choice but to book a holiday here. With more than 3,000 climbing routes, no wonder it’s a popular bouldering location. It’s a paradise for travelers who enjoy scuba diving, spelunking, mountain-hiking, and climbing.

Kalymnos is one of Greece’s wealthiest islands. 

Fly from Athens to Kalymnos. Alternatively, book a ferry from Piraeus port in Athens. 



Kythnos Κύθνος Cyclades List of Greek Islands by size Best Greek Islands to visit
28 Kythnos Κύθνος 38.4 sq.miles / 99.4 sq. km, Cyclades

This mountainous island with its wild natural landscape is known for its stunning beaches, of which all are suitable for swimming. Loutra and Merihas have the most tourist facilities.

Also, beautiful traditional architecture and churches, narrow alleys, and the fact that it’s in close distance to Athens make this island a popular choice for tourists.

Kythnos does not have an airport. Book a transfer from Athens airport to Piraeus port, or to Lavrion port. In both options, the trip is about 45 minutes long. Then hop on a ferry to Kythnos. The duration of the ferry trip is about 3 hours.


Astypalaia Αστυπάλαια List of Greek Islands Best Greek Islands to visit Most Beautiful Greek Islands
29 Astypalaia Αστυπάλαια 37.2 sq miles / 96.4 sq. km, Dodecanese

Also known as Astypalea or Astropalia


A butterfly-shaped island that basks in obscurity! Chora, the island’s capital, is home to the imposing medieval Kastro castle fortress. The island also holds the title of the home to the oldest known homoerotic graffiti in the world. Archaeologists discovered phalluses and a chiseled declaration in the limestone dating back to the 5th or 6th century BC.

During the summer you can fly in from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” to the island’s “Panaghia” national airport in the Maltezana region.


Ithaca Ιθάκης List of Greek Islands Best Greek Islands to visit Most Beautiful Greek Islands
30 Ithaca Ιθάκης 37.1 sq. miles / 96.2 sq. km, Ionian Islands

Also known as Ithaki or Ithaka island


This beautiful small island is rich in ancient history going back to the Neolithic period, 4000 – 3000 BC. It was ruled by countless empires until it was annexed to the Greek Kingdom in 1864.

The nearest airport is on Kefalonia island. From there you will catch a ferry to Ithaca. Alternatively, you can hop on a ferry from Greece mainland and Lefkada.

Beautiful Santorini a Dream Holiday in Greece

Santorini 37 sq. miles / 96 sq. km, Cyclades
Romantic, beautiful Santorini Greece holidays are often something we only dream of, but actually, it is within your reach. Well, you decide.


Last but far not least, is the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos in Greece.  Mykonos and Santorini are tourism hot spots in Greece well worth visiting.

Mykonos travel guide
32. Mykonos 33 sq. miles / 85.5 sq. km, Cyclades
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