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Giethoorn the charming village in Netherlands

You will find the beautiful village of Giethoorn in the Dutch province of Overijssel bordering Weerribben-Wieden National Park.  Here you will not find loads of tarred roads and traffic lights or busy streets.  Instead you will have the opportunity to make your way in a boat on a canal between beautiful homes and often accompanied by cute ducks.

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Most of the charm of visiting Giethoorn is the boat rides.  This is why you come to Giethoorn.  While you gently follow the flow of the waterways, you dream of having a beautiful home here on the banks of a canal.  You enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of the surroundings on quiet days and you drink in the friendly people and atmosphere on those busy days.

How did Giethoorn get its name: 

According to National Geographic – ‘The story goes that its original farmer-settlers discovered a collection of horns belonging to wild goats thought to have died in the Flood of 1170.

“Goat horn,” or “Geytenhoren,” was shortened to Giethoorn, and the name stuck.  Centuries post-flood, water continues to define the village’s living history and landscape.’

Travel Trivia

giethoorn bridges

Most of the homes in Giethoorn in situated on small private islands that are only connected by the wooden bridges that you’ll see everywhere:  Well over 150 wooden bridges connects these islands with each other.

In summer time the beautiful thatched-roof farm houses with their stunning hydrangea displays makes for an awesome experience.


Only a 10 minute drive away from Giethoorn is Dwarsgracht, which is very similar in looks and maybe not that touristy.  Keep this in mind for days when Giethoorn is too crowded.

Giethoorn Netherlands

Although the main attraction, or rather one of the main attractions, is to go on a boat ride around the waterways, this is not your only option to explore.  You can also sign in for a walking tour through the picturesque Giethoorn.

Nice to Know

You can easily do day trips to nearby Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof.  We can definitely recommend that you will love Zaanse Schans as well.  Below are links for easy booking, trusted tours:

Travel Tip(s)

Having booked with a tour operator, you can sit back and enjoy.  No worries about getting out of the village before peak time.  You don’t have to worry how you are going to cope if suddenly there are huge crowds.  You just relax and your tour operator will handle everything.

A bonus is that they normally have a wealth of knowledge they are eager to share with you.