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Best Holiday in Gstaad Switzerland

Supercars, Luxurious Accommodation, Ski Slopes, International Shopping and Fabulous Restaurants

Gstaad is a beautiful resort town, famous for its luxurious hotels and it is situated in the Swiss Alps.  Now mix that with supercars, a fairytale palace sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the village as well as fabulous food, and you’ve got a winner.  In fact:  An awesome travel destination.

Stay in a Palace

The town is situated in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern, district Obersimmental-Saanen.  It is beautiful and the town has enough shopping opportunities even for the rich and famous, with shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more.

But it is the fairytale Gstaad Palace on top of the hill that makes you look twice.  I have to mention:  You can stay in the palace overnight.  In fact spending your holiday there will be something special.  It sure is a must-do event for your travel bucketlist.

Certain parts of the town, are car-free pedestrian friendly zones.  The streets are filled with Boulangeries (check out Early Beck’s famous and delectable Pavés), galleries, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, shops and happy, friendly people

You’ll find the typical and beautiful Swiss architecture everywhere with the most beautiful decorative woodwork and flower boxes.  Fabulous buildings dating back to the 1800’s and young and modern shops lends a beautiful mix to this very special town.

Just walking through town on a summer day, is a great experience and adventure.

The fact that they have prestigious international boarding schools, like Le Rosey, founded in 1880 and is host to the famous SOC, is a huge bonus. 

Let’s start with the prestigious Supercar Owners Circle (SOC)Picturesque scenery and supercars, what more can you want…


"SOC in Gstaad Switzerland is a celebration of beautiful scenery; both in nature and in some of the world's best supercar collector vehicles driven by passion.”

Seeing a few supercars of note riding casually in the area, is no strange sight.

Now with this in mind, you might want to rent your own car.  Attending the SOC events and then not having a car during your holiday, is just “utter frustration”.  LOL

Home to Fabulous Restaurants

Spoil yourself and enjoy a holiday dinner at one of the best restaurants in Gstaad:

International Cuisine

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+41 33 748 98 00


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Only open in winter. 

+41 33 748 50 00

Modern Fine Dining

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+41 33 888 98 88

French Cuisine

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Terrace with stunning views.

+41 33 748 76 76

Winter in Gstaad

Take the Eggli Bahn to Berghaus Eggli and enjoy the panoramic views at the Bergrestaurant after playing and skiing in the snow.

The Peak Walk By Tissot is a very impressive walkway connecting two mountain peaks.  Definitely worth a visit.

Cable cars connect surrounding ski areas such as Wispile and Rinderberg.  However Glacier 3000 offers nearly year-round skiing and snow fun.

Glacier 3000

“To get to Glacier 3000, take the Ski Bus from the town of Les Diablerets to the cable car station in Col du Pillon. Les Diablerets can be reached by train from Montreux via Aigle, or Gstaad (both around an hour away).” – Viator

Read more about this fabulous place to visit for a whole day of fun activities.

  • Bobsleigh rides
  • Dog sled rides
  • Glacier walk
  • Restaurant
  • Cross country skiing
  • Alpine Coaster rides
  • Snowbus

There are many beautiful Hiking trails and fabulous ski slopes in the area.  All info are available at Glacier 3000’s website (link).

Gstaad Track and Mountains

Getting there

Gstaad Switzerland is a year-round fabulous travel destination.  Arriving at Geneva airport you can take the train directly to the town.

Book an adventure train trip:  “A train never connects one point to another by the shortest route. It follows the curves, it winds its way between lakes, and around mountains. Between Montreux and Zweisimmen, passing through Gstaad, its task is particularly complicated. This is the price to pay for making this trip, or rather this adventure, so spectacular and sumptuous. You’ll feel excitement all the way. No wonder tourists from all over the world take their seats in the panoramic or Belle Époque carriages. Making an experience out of a journey is the philosophy of the Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB) Railway Company.”

Fabulous places to stay in Gstaad, Switzerland

Accommodation fit for royalty…