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Koejawelspons Resep (Afrikaans)

It is only once we live outside our country of birth that we appreciate the cuisine we grew up with. Something as quick and easy as a guava mousse brings back precious childhood memories.

Many South Africans simply refer to it as “koejawelspons poeding”, which is the Afrikaans version of ‘Guava Foam dessert’. “Koejawel” meaning guava; “spons” meaning mousse in this instance; and “poeding” referring to dessert or as the English say, pudding.

Origin of Guava Mousse Dessert

We know that pudding, as the English refer to dessert, is all thanks to the Brits. However, the exact origin of today’s tasty publication is unknown.  That said, growing up in South Africa this was a treat since as early as I can remember.

So with that said, add a bit of South African cuisine to your next party menu, or family gathering with this delicious tropical fruit. If you are unable to get hold of canned guavas, we shared some shopping tips towards the end of the page.

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Sweet Memories!

Time To Make: 20 minutes

Time To Set: 90 minutes

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: Possibly South African


Koejawelspons Poeding Resep


  • 1 can 410 g Guava Halves
  • 1 can 410 g Nestlé Carnation Evaporated Milk (Ideal Milk)
  • 2 packets 80 g Moirs Strawberry Jelly (160 g in total)

How to make guava mousse

  1. Put the evaporated milk in the refrigerator the night before so it is cold. It must be cold to be whipped up into the foamy texture.
  2. Drain the guavas and keep the syrup separate.
  3. Mash the guavas by hand until you don’t have any lumpy pieces left. Set one side.
  4. Bring the guava syrup to an almost boiling point, and stir the jelly into the syrup until the jelly is melted.
  5. Add the mashed guavas to the jelly syrup. Put one side to cool off (but not yet setting).
  6. Whip the cold evaporated milk for about three minutes or until the milk is fully foamed.
  7. Gently fold the syrup mixture into the foam until there is no more white coloring visible.
  8. The dessert is ready to be refrigerated for about one hour.
Chef at Home

Serving suggestions

  • Pour it into small cocktail glasses or any beautiful glass you have before placing it in the refrigerator to set.  That way you’ll have pretty individual helpings – making a beautiful statement. Garnish with two or three thin slices of strawberry on top.
  • Let it set in a round patterned cake mold. After turning it out, garnish with fresh strawberries and unsalted nuts.
Cake mold baking dessert pudding guava mousse recipe

Guava shopping tips for SAFFAS

Getting hold of the ingredients is a SAFFAS-challenge (South Africans Far Foreign Adventure) in some parts of Europe.

For instance, you will not easily find fresh guavas (or guava trees, for that matter) growing on pavements or in residential gardens, or even in garden nurseries. The climate is simply not conducive to this tropical fruit.

So, what are the options?

  • As a rule, I try to pack some guava cans in my luggage on my return to Europe. However, the baggage weight restrictions also have their limits!
  • I’ve found that there are many “suppliers” of South African goodies across Europe, but goodness me, they are expensive. I guess because they import smaller quantities than the likes of perhaps Amazon?
  • Alternatively, I simply order from Amazon.UK.

I’m sharing some links to ease your shopping.

Ideal Milk shopping tips for SAFFAS

Similarly, the preferred solution for getting hold of Ideal Milk was a matter of via my luggage bags!

You may want to try “sweet milk” or look out for MARESI, Original. Maresi Original (available in Hungary) does the same job as South Africa’s Ideal/Evaporated Milk.

In conclusion, just one more tip. Don’t break the guava seeds, because your Guava Foam dessert will have sharp pieces from the broken seeds. Mix by hand, so the texture is smooth. 

Guava foam recipe sponge south africa cuisine dessert

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