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Here are 6 of our favorite ideas.

Preparing for a rainy day in a hotel or self-catering facility while traveling is easier than you think.  When it is simply not possible to go out for a day of exploring, you need ideas.  Well here is what to do on holiday when it rains:  Get back to family fun nights. 


Keeping in mind what is easy to pack and takes up the least space in your luggage:

Game of cards

With evidence that the very first card game in the worlds’ history dates back to the 9th century, it is no wonder that today it is still a family favourite.  It is compact and easy to pack. 

Previously on a weekend away I was so surprised to see families taking card games with them to restaurants.  Just think how awesome this is.  Instead of everyone sitting staring at the ceiling or their celphones, they were all laughing and enjoying the evening.  This happened at various restaurants in the middle of holiday season.

Trick card games are a favorite for younger children.  The object of a trick-taking game is based on the play of multiple rounds.  Each player plays a single card from their hand, and based on the values of played cards one player wins or “takes” the trick.


When traveling alone

A good book is always a great option.  Then again a good old card game like Solitaire (Patience) or Spider can make time disappear.  When traveling on your own, this can all come along on your iPhone or iPad.

Puzzles get the mind going

Now available on the internet @ Jigsawplanet, it is as easy as having a screen big enough where you can access the site.  You can choose from just 15 pieces up to 300 pieces and there are lots of categories to choose from.

stack cards

Family Board Game Night

Children still love this family time with mom and dad.  You might start at first with a sigh and taking a deep breath, but soon you will all be laughing together.  All time family favorites include games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Ludo and many more.

Considering the travel friendly versions in the shops, other favorites are:  Dominoes, Checkers, Battleship (travel version), Chess, Clue and Uno Cards.  (see out link below)

Games you can play without having to pack anything:  Charades, Dots and Boxes and Simon Says. The game Tic-tac-toe, noughts and crosses, or Xs and Os can be played in unique ways:  With pen and paper or let the kids collect stuff from nature to use as markers.

If you need more gaming ideas for what to do on holidays when it rains, the website “whatdowedoallday” gives you loads of game ideas and many more.

tic tac toe in nature

Color the world

This is something both adults and children loves.  Especially with the new grownup version of coloring books, you can now have some quality time together without having to run around out of breath. 

paint birds

Paint by numbers – ideal for a holiday when it rains

You don’t have to be an artist to give this activity a go.  You would be surprised at how professional your end-product will look.  Especially ideal for rainy days in self-catering facilities.

As it is now very trendy to “explore your own backyard”, we hope these ideas will give you many happy memories to look back on.

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