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Cultural experience in Vietnam

Natural salts are manually harvested at the Hon Khoi Salt Fields.  If you are looking for a unique travel experience while in Vietnam, this would be something for you list.

Work starts very early in the morning and workers carry the heavy wicker baskets themselves.  The workers wear cloves and special conical hats to protect them against the salt.

salt harvest rows

The natural salt is harvested from shallow fields along Doc Let Beach.  Workers rake the salt together with wooden tools and then collect it into the baskets. Baskets weighing up to approximately 10 kg each are then carried to the next spot where it is poured into high mounds.  Obviously this is very hard work and surprisingly we were told that mostly women are working in the fields.  The salt is then left to dry.

Important info

It should be noted that this is not a tourist industry spot, so there are no special tourist activities.  Foremost this is a working industry. Nevertheless it is part of the culture in Nha Trang and definitely worth a visit.

salt harvest vietnam

When is the best time to visit Hon Khoi Salt Fields

The best time of the year would be between January and June, during the summer months.  If you are looking for a photo opportunity, we would suggest you go very early in the morning. In order for you to get some awesome photos, you need to be there at sunrise.

salt hearvest

Can I visit the Hon Khoi Salt Fields on my own

You can easily reach the field in about an hour’s drive from the city centre.  In my opinion it is a good idea to do a guided tour.  This will give you the opportunity to get more info during your tour and you can include other nearby attractions.

Where are the Hon Khoi Salt fields

We would recommend that you stay in one of the most unique tourist destinations in Vietnam:  The City Nha Trang.

Things to do

Other activities in Nha Trang

…in Nha Trang City.

International airport

Nha Trang – Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR) is the main airport serving Nha Trang area. The airport is located in Cam Ranh, a town in the Khanh Hoa province in Vietnam. 

Nha Trang city is 30 km from the airport.