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The Best of Hungary | Your Ultimate Travel Guide

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Today I will give you the highlights this beautiful landlocked country has to offer. From Hungary’s hidden gems to the best accommodation and saving tips to keep your travel budget in check.

“With 10 beautiful national parks, 37 landscape protection areas, 162 nature conservation areas, 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and several outstanding national treasures, Hungary is a country of immense beauty. If you visit Hungary, definitely make time to explore the country’s spectacular lakes, thermal baths, vast wine regions, and charming historic towns.”

Three most beautiful coffee houses

New York Cafe Hungary best coffee houses
The New York Café looks like Versailles!
Central Coffee House Hungary best confectionery
The iconic Centrál Coffee House dates to 1887.
The Gerbeaud famous gastronomic Hungary coffee house best confectionery
Gerbeaud, one of Hungary's most famous gastronomic assets.

Must Read

The best of Budapest

Hungary's Award-Winning capital city

Find out what you should NOT miss, and then some…!

Best Views in Hungary

  • Prédikálószék (Pulpit) – Danube Bend, Visegrád Mountains
  • Szépkilátó – Balatongyörök
  • Tar-kő (Tar-stone) − Bükk Mountains
  • Kékestető (also a great spot for skiers), and the Galya Lookout − Galyatető − Mátra Mountains
Kekesteto Bukk Mountains Matra best views in Hungary

Don't do this in Hungary

  • Don’t wear shoes in other people’s houses. Unless your host tells you it’s OK to keep them on, take them off immediately when you enter.  It’s expensive to have house-cleaning staff.  Generally, domestic cleaning staff are paid by the hour, so be respectful.
  • Don’t make fun of names, and don’t make mean comments. Jokes such as being “hungry in Hungary” are viewed as inappropriate and disrespectful to the country. Hungarians are immensely proud of their cultural heritage. Consider the cultural differences.
  • Don’t decline food or drinks. Hungarians are extremely hospitable. They will go out of their way to prepare something special for their guests, and so it is seen as rude to decline to taste something or at least have a small bite.  This brings me to the next “don’t”…
  • Don’t drink and drive. Hungary has a zero-tolerance for drinking and driving. And they take it seriously. If you arrive with your own car your host will not feel offended if you decline their traditional Unicum or Pálinka liqueur or any other alcoholic drink they may serve. Also, your host will understand if you are not drinking any alcohol at all, or if you’re taking medication.
  • Unless you really want to know, don’t greet people with “How are you?” Usually, the question is answered with an “OK”, “good and you?” or “fine, thank you”. However, not in Hungary. Hungarians take this question seriously and will tell you in detail how they feel and what happened.

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Largest Lake of Central Europe

Hungary's Historic Castles

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Herend Porcelain

World famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory Hungary

Visit the world-famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory in the city of Herend. The Herend Porcelain Manufactory (Hungarian: Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.) is a Hungarian manufacturing company, specializing in luxury hand-painted and gilded porcelain. Founded in 1826, it is based in the town of Herend near the city of Veszprém.

From Budapest, Herend is around 1 hour 30 minutes by car; or about 15 minutes by car from Veszprém.

Website: Herend Porcelain >>

Shopping Ideas to thank someone special

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Hungarian Culture

Hungarian Dog

You’re in for a big surprise if you think you’re picking up a mop!

Folk Art

Travel and Home Website Folk Art of the Matyo Embroidery of a Traditional Community
Llist of museums in Budapest Hungary

Ancient cities

The ancient city of Győr

A perfect Day Trip from Budapest

  • Győr lies in the north-western part of Hungary on one of the most important roads of Central Europe, halfway between Budapest and Vienna.
  • Győr, an enchanting town abundant in beautiful baroque buildings, hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2017. 
  • The oldest part of the town is Káptalan Hill at the confluence of the Danube, Rába, and Rábca rivers. The ancient city is also a university town and a popular tourist destination.

Whether you visit Győr on your own, join a small tour group on a day trip, or as part of a multi-day tour to or from Vienna or Prague, it is worth a stop.

Travel Deals


With the Budapest Card you get free public transport within Budapest, up to 50% discounts at baths, sights, churches, museums, restaurants, bars, sightseeing tours, boat trips, and concerts.

Flights to Budapest

Best places to stay in Hungary

Stay in a Hungarian Castle