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Right through Italy you can enjoy unique culinary experiences:  Authentic Italian inspired food holidays

If you love food, you will love these tours or special activities you can book online via Viator:

Le Cesarina Home Cooking Class Italy Tasting Cinque Terre Viator

There are many day tours in Italy that also offer cooking classes or workshops at selected local homes.  This often also includes things like local market tours and getting more information on the local food cultures.  Get to know how Italians experience daily shopping at cheese grocers and purchasing fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner.

I think we all dream of making the most perfect homemade Italian pasta or a wonderful pizza and tiramisu.

Argopoli Italian Cooking Class Viator Travel and Home

In Italy there is a network of more than 800 local people in more than 120 towns, called ‘Le Cesarine’.  “Cesarine” (meaning ‘ruler of the kitchen’) is a program where home cooks, called Cesarinas, share their specific culinary skills with guests.

These cooks eagerly share their knowledge with food lovers, by welcoming people from all over the world into their own homes. This makes for a truly unique Italian experience.  They organize events and act as guardians of authentic Italian heritage cooking.  Delivering a gastronomic experience that often forms part of an exceptional holiday or world tour experience.

As you travel through the different regions of Italy the Cesarina experience will differ to reflect that specific region’s cuisine.  Share in the traditional family recipes and secrets.  An awesome part of these special events which they host is that it includes private cooking courses.

From Lake Como, Capri, Salerno and Argopoli to Chianti, Rome and Modena, you can enjoy a fantastic gastronomic experience combined with an Italian hearty welcome.

Be welcomed into a Cesarina home and just enjoy dinner as part of the family.  Or join a private cooking class in a Cesarina home and thereafter enjoy the fruit of your labor as a guest.

As a bonus some Cesarinas might also offer to come to your holiday home and give a personal cooking class right there at your rented accommodation.

Although it might look like something impossible at the moment, keep this in mind.  In future, should you decide to do a trip to Italy, remember this page.

But keep on reading as we have a solution for everyone not able to travel to Italy.

Italian Food

More cooking adventures in Italy

If you’re dreaming of an authentic Italian inspired food holiday, this is the perfect type of tour to book. Spoil yourself.  Maybe spoil yourself and a travel buddy and enjoy a unique holiday activity with lifetime memories.

Best of all - Can't travel? - Do it Online !

If you’re not in the fortunate position to travel around the world, or you maybe want a refresher, you can now do virtual online cooking classes.  Connect with your favorite country.

Learn to make authentic pasta from Italy or a Moroccan Tajine in the comfort of your own home.

No its not the same as watching Youtube. 

These interactive sessions allow you to ask questions and get the ‘inside info’.  Furthermore these experiences are in real-time.  No guessing games.  Get the inside tips and tricks.

Morocco Tajine Online Food Course Virtual Cooking Class Travel and Home