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Not everyone has a villa in Italy, but if you love Italy, why not capture Italy in your home?! We’ve picked up a few Italian home decor ideas through our travels in Italy.

Murano Glass

Murano is on the Venetian Lagoon about 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) north of Venice and is world-famous for its glass making. The handmade centuries-old craft is known for its elegance and beauty and unique material, which is made up of 70% silica sand and 30% soda and lime (“fluxes”).

Glass decor may be a vase, ornament, sculpture, mirror, jewelry, or even in lighting.

A visit to Murano is highly recommended with a tour that includes watching the glass-blowing masters.

Italy Murano Ornament
Italy Murano Ornament
Italy Murano Vase

Eat the Italian Style

There are plenty of pizza plates around with Italian designs, but I believe less is more.  Serving a pizza on a wooden “plate” is just so much more authentic. 

Not every Italian touch costs an arm and a leg. With a bit of creativity, you can impress your guests when next you serve Tiramisu. The cacao powder on the white plate makes for an attractive display.

Italy Pizza Plate
Italy Pizza Plate
Italy Tiramisu
Italy Tiramisu

Italian Tapestries

Italian art includes the most beautiful tapestries that depict Italian scenes, history, villages/towns (such as Positano), religion (such as The Last Supper)… the list is endless. European nostalgia at its best!

Italy Tapestry
Italy Tapestry Lifestyle

Italy Outdoors @ Home

  • Turn a used wine barrel into a garden bench.
  • Decorate your garden with a statuette.
  • Plant lemon trees and trim one or two trees into a lollypop-shape.
  • Add a bit of Italy into your garden beds, such as Oleander (caution: it is a poisonous plant), Roses, Russian Sage, Teucrium, and Buddleja (also known as the Butterfly Bush).

Italy Garden
Italy Garden Container
Italy Barrel Garden Bench

Statues for Ambience

A statue at the bottom of a staircase, or outdoors adds to the Italian look and feel.

Italy Statue Stairs Staircase
Italy Statue Wall Decoration Art

Tuscany Walls

I’ve seen so many walls in Tuscany with climbers and they simply look spectacular. Don’t forget the plant containers below one or two windows.  If you don’t have green fingers, opt for silk flowers. Quality silk flowers look like the real deal, and even more so if viewed from a slight distance.

Adding a touch of Italy with Italian home decor, indoors or outdoors, is most enjoyable and pleasing on the eye!

Italy Tuscany Green Garden
Italy Window Old Garden