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Looking for an Autumn Show-Stopper?  Look no further.

kastoria greece

The beautiful city of Kastoria is in Northern Greece in the Region of Western Macedonia.  Situated on the banks of Lake Orestiada, in a valley surrounded by limestone Mountains, this is the hidden gem of Greece.

I think not many people think of Greece without thinking of Santorini and Oia, but very few people know of the existence of Kastoria.

Now although it might not be you typical tourist paradise it sure is a paradise to all nature lovers.  If you need time away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life: Come hide away in Kastoria.

Things to do

  • There are beautiful pathways all along the lake, so an early morning stroll or late evening to watch the city lights, is very pretty.  Or just park yourself on one of the benches next to the lake and enjoy the serenity of everything around you.
  • This is bird watching paradise.
  • Lake Orestiada is beautiful and the home to many birds and fish species.  If you have time you can also stop at the freshwater aquarium.
  • Stop at the Dragon’s Cave.  A series of seven underground lakes and rooms filled with Stalactites.
  • You can visit Profitis Ilias Church and Agios Athanasios viewpoint for beautiful vistas and photo opportunities.
  • Kastoria is especially beautiful in autumn – a Photographers dream.
  • You can also view the city from a boat on the lake or go to the Doltso (the old neighborhood and a very pretty part of the town, with buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

More Places to visit:

  • The Folklore Museum
  • Byzantine Museum of Kastoria
  • Emmanouil Mansion Lodges
  • The Costume Museum
  • Apozari (a beautiful neighbourhood in Kastoria)