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5 Fabulous Places to Stay with Kids (Big or Small...)

When you walk into a hotel and your kids are speechless, it is a fabulous moment, but when the adults get just as excited, you know you’ve struck gold.  Kid-friendly hotels should be fun experiences, amazing in decor and they should come with super friendly and fabulous service.  Well, at least that is what I was expecting.  So to find places like that was awesome.  Let’s look at some fabulous Kid-Friendly Hotels.

Outside of Disneyland / Walt Disney Land and similar places… there are a few places that should be on your travel bucket list.  Places where you can stay in amazingly beautiful decorated and themed rooms.  A fan of Harry Potter?  Then stay in a Wizard room for the night and go on a Harry Potter tour in London.  Lego crazy?  Then stay in a Lego Castle in Germany.  This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.  The places we listed here are great for adults as well.  Adults will love it just as much.  After all deep inside we are all still kids when it comes to our favorite characters and childhood dreams…

Stay in a Legoland Castle

5-minute walk from the LEGOLAND Feriendorf in Günzburg, with a variety of colourful and fun themed rooms.

Harry Potter Inspired Accommodation

Stay in a Wizard Chamber or an Enchanted Chamber, individually styled with modern comforts. This is for all Harry Potter Fans.

A magical resort with rollercoasters, waterparks, and fabulously decorated rooms, will make any kid’s heart happy…  No matter their age.  When you book your vacation, remember to pack extra storage space for your camera (or arrange for cloud space to store your photos on).  These Kid-Friendly Hotels are the places where you’ll want to take thousands of photos of your family vacation.  Photos you can show your children on their 21st or your grandchildren one day when you think back on those happy days.

CBeebies Themed Rooms Kids will Love

Alton Towers Resort features a range of rollercoasters, indoor and outdoor waterparks, and also UK's first Rollercoaster Restaurant.
Tried and Trusted Travel Essentials!

Style and Fun combined

2 km from Lake Garda, you'll find this hotel that offers themed rooms, shows, and amusement parks for younger guests.

Fun, Fun and more Water Fun

This All-Suite Orlando Resort hotel is a 5-minute drive from Walt Disney World Resort.

More exciting things:

Wouldn’t we all love to have a few magic spells…  This is your opportunity to try your hand at some Harry Potter magic.

HARRY  POTTER FANS:  Read more about the most amazing Harry Potter experiences in London.

Skip the line and book an entrance ticket to Alton Towers Resort to meet the CBeebies characters.  Who doesn’t remember Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po – the Teletubbies who played around, laughing, dancing, and singing as they go about their days in Teletubbyland.

Mom and Dad can visit beautiful Italy AND keep the kids happy.  Staying in the beautiful hotel as mentioned above, and then booking some adventure.  Adventure at Gardaland Resort: Italy’s n° 1 amusement resort, for the kids and adventure for mom and dad in the form of sightseeing and exploring the rest of Italy.  

In conclusion, these Kid-Friendly Hotels will make everyone happy.  So book a well-deserved vacation.  You know you deserve it.

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