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Knysna is a beautiful town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is part of the scenic Garden Route. 

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Where to stay in Knysna

This beautiful backdrop to many films is still a favorite holiday spot for many travelers. Besides The Heads, a popular attraction, Knysna is also known for the Garden Route National Park.  While you visit the area, we recommend stopping at the Daleen Matthee (a famous writer) Big Tree or doing the “Circles in the Forest” hiking trail.

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Nature’s beauty is all around.  Take the time to explore the surroundings while you’re here.

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Best Knysna Holiday Accommodation
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Whale Watching Opportunities

You might even spot some whales along the coast of the nearby Plettenberg Bay.  From mid-May right through to February there are quite a few whale spotting opportunities.  

The humpback whales arrive with their calves in early November and then they stay until approximately the end of February.  (With a possible further sighting during May and June.)

Taking a Road Trip

There are quite a few fabulous places nearby to visit.  Towns like:  Wildernis, Plettenberg Bay, George, Mosselbay, Sedgefield, Groot Brakriver, Klein Brak River, Keurboomstrand, and even towards Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp, and many more (it all depends on how far you would like to drive.  In fact, taking a drive from Mosselbay all the way to Stormsriver or maybe just up to Plettenberg Bay is really a very interesting drive with lots of fabulous places to experience.  Should you wish to get more info and ideas on what to do, where to stop, etc… you are more than welcome to ask on our Facebook page.  We are more than willing to help with suggestions.  (Just reference this article.)  For now, here are a few interesting ideas:

Noetzie's Castles

With beautiful views and famous beaches such as Noetzie with all its castles, Knysna does not disappoint with beautiful vistas.  South African beaches are famous for their soft sand and Noetzie is no different.  In fact, it is actually quite special in the fact that you can stay in a castle if you like, on the beachfront.

The oldest castle, at Noetzie, was built as a holiday house in 1930 out of the local natural stone. The story is told that the owner had no intention of building a “castle”, but simply used the stone for practical reasons. Then someone remarked: “All you need to do is to add a few turrets and you’ll have a castle”. So that is exactly what he did and it became known as “The Castle”.

So, yes, the Noetzie Castles are not real war hero Castles, but beach homes that were built to the “theme” of a castle.  Still, it is pretty cool to stay at a Beachfront Castle.

Knysna is set just a few minutes from Plettenberg Bay, Sedgefield, and with the famous Brenton-on-Sea and Noetzie nearby, there are many accommodation options available.

A few of our favorite places in Knysna area