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Koblenz German corner Rhine river meets Moselle travel and home
Koblenz is referred to as the “German corner where father Rhine meets mother Moselle”.

Its 24/7 picturesque location lends itself to the ideal spot from where to explore the Moselle Valley, the castles on the River Rhine, and all the surrounding dreamy villages and vineyards.

The strategic location of the dramatic 65km stretch of the Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen, Rüdesheim und Koblenz as a transport artery and the prosperity that this engendered is reflected in its sixty small towns, the extensive terraced vineyards and the ruins of castles that once defended its trade.

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How to get to Koblenz

Trains to from Koblenz
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Koblenz is easy to reach by train from Frankfurt (M) Airport Long-Distance, taking around 1 hour 8 minutes. Other popular trips to/from Koblenz are:

  • Köln Hbf, 52 minutes
  • Frankfurt (Main) Hbf, 1 hour 24 minutes
  • Trier Hbf, 1 hour 21 minutes
  • Cochem, (Mosel) 34 minutes
  • Luxembourg, 2 hour 11 minutes

Things to do in Koblenz

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein River Rhine Koblenz
Fortress Ehrenbreitstein on the banks of the River Rhine in Koblenz
travelandhome koblenz city library architecture building
The spectacular multi-functional cultural building at ‘Kulturbau’ at the Zentralplatz in Koblenz.

The building is home to the city public library, the Mittelrhein Museum, and the tourist information with the interactive experience exhibition “Romanticum”. 

travelandhome koblenz city library
travelandhome koblenz walk walking views
Koblenz bronze statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I travel and home
Statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I

The original statue (erected in 1897) of the Kaiser was destroyed by US troops in World War II in 1945. The statue was replaced in 1993 as a reformed Germany strived towards being a model nation, staying out of foreign wars. 

Germany Koblenz Military Museum Piston Engine
The Military Museum in Koblenz has one of the largest collections of war technology.

It’s quite amazing standing next to these massive life-size machines. The collection includes planes, armored vehicles, helicopters, and a wide variety of weapons.

  • Address: Mayener Str. 85
Travel Tips

Have your translation application on your phone ready to translate most of the artefact labelling which is in German. There are no cafes inside the museum, so quench your thirst before you go.

Cruise the Beautiful Moselle River

Koblenz weather

You get your rainy days throughout the year, and not in specific seasons only.  That said, the most rain usually falls in June, while the least rain generally falls in February. Considering our changing climate, we have a summary of weather patterns to help you plan your trip to Koblenz. For detailed information about the climate, visit the website.

  • Very cold months: December to February
  • Cold months: March and November
  • Cool months: April and October
  • Comfortable months: May, June, and September
  • Warm months: July and August

Is Koblenz expensive?

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66.6 km from Koblenz

Where to stay in Koblenz

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