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The cosmopolitan city of Lahore is the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan, and one of its wealthiest cities.

Lahore is Pakistan’s second-largest city after Karachi. Lahore ranks in the 26th spot of the world’s largest cities. No wonder then that Lahore is one of the country’s most socially liberal, enlightened, and diverse cities.

It’s also rich in history and culture, and its legacy goes back to ancient times when it controlled by several empires. For instance, the Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, and Delhi Sultanate.

The city reached the height of its glory between the late 16th and early 18th centuries. In 1739, the city was captured by the forces of the Afsharid ruler Nader Shah. Soon it fell into decay amidst the battle between the Afghans and the Sikhs for control of the city. Then, in the early 19th century, Lahore was named the capital of the Sikh Empire. The city slowly regained some of its splendor.

Lahore became the capital of British Punjab after it became part of the British Empire.

Subsequently, the city was very much in the news working towards the independence of India and Pakistan and played a significant role in the independence movements. Notwithstanding all the riots that took place during the Partition period, the city was declared the capital of the Punjab province. This happened after Pakistan’s independence in 1947.

Lahore is known for...

The diversity of the city is evident in what it offers. It’s known for its publishing industry and literary scene. Also, it’s home to several leading universities and is a major center of education in the country. On the more glitz and glamorous side, the buzzing city is home to Lollywood (Pakistan’s film industry). It’s also known for its Qawwali music.

Best time to travel

  • The best time to go to Lahore is from January (the coldest month) to April.
  • From May to July are the warmest months.
  • October to December has more dry periods, while July and September are the wettest months.

Things to do in Lahore

Some of the highlights are:

walled city old lahore pakistan
The old walled city
Wazir Khan Mosque Lahore Pakistan
Wazir Khan Mosque
Grand Mosque Bahria Town
Grand Mosque Bahria Town

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Fort and Shalamar Gardens

"These are two masterpieces from the time of the brilliant Mughal civilization, which reached its height during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The fort contains marble palaces and mosques decorated with mosaics and gilt. The elegance of these splendid gardens, built near the city of Lahore on three terraces with lodges, waterfalls, and large ornamental ponds, is unequaled."
Sikh shrines Lahore Pakistan
Sikh Shrines
Lahore bazaar
Lahore bazaar/market
Shahi Hammam
Shahi Hammam

The ancient Shahi Hammam (also known as, Wazir Khan Hammam) Persian-style bath inside the Old Walled City, near the Delhi Gate. Now a tourist information center, it is the only monumental building (dating back to the 17th century) in Pakistan that represents the Central Asian/Turkish/Irani tradition of public hot baths.

Address: Akbari Mandi Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Tours & Packages

According to Travel-and-Home’s TravelBuddies, these are the best ways to experience the city.

Extensive Lahore Guided Tour

Explore about 80% of Lahore's rich history and culture in one bumper-packed day. Go a Rangeela Rickshaw or a Buggy ride during the tour. Meet with the local people to know about their culture and life.

Private Tour: Top Ten Wonders of Lahore Exploration Tour

Get inspired with cultural diversity, blend of the historical and modern architecture, spicy food, traditions, and soul of this busy city.

Experience Lahore like never before!

There are many tours hand-picked by Viator to give you the best of Lahore. Experience life in the city, the beautiful mosques, gardens, and historical monuments.

Top hotels in Lahore

Hotels in the center of Lahore