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Life in Hungary... Festival Time at the end of April

Another bit of my life in Hungary…  Specifically, the past weekend in UjSzeged. Uj, meaning new. It’s the suburb of Szeged where we live.

The last festival for April ran from the 29th to 1st May. We decided to go on the last day since we knew it would be a popular event. Especially since all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

It is the first day of May. The spring flowers are in bloom, young and old are in festival mode, laughter all around me, families spend time together and it is one big party!

The ambiance was great. Not a single piece of paper lying around (it was very noticeable) and no pushing. Another relaxing family weekend that we’ll remember for a long, long time.

Hungarian Street Food

Traditional Hungarian cuisine was out for all to indulge.

Like Halászlé, the mixed freshwater/river fish soup, and Körtöskalács, a type of spit cake, which is prepared with dough that is wrapped around a stick, before being baked on an open fire. Also known as the Chimney cake, it is topped with cinnamon sugar or a mixture of sugar and walnut.

Halászlé (fisherman’s soup) is a Hungarian dish, prepared for centuries by fishermen and their families along the banks of the Danube with generous amounts of hot paprika. The soup is not only a popular street food at festivals but also very much part of a traditional Christmas.

The cotton candy floss was out in traditional pinks and blues, which I knew as “Spook Asem” as a child. Directly translated, it is ghosts’ breath!

The traditions in Hungary festivals in Szeged Hungary things to do in Hungary Life in Hungary traditional Hungarian street food cuisine
The traditions in Hungary festivals in Szeged Hungary things to do in Hungary Life in Hungary spring time
The traditions in Hungary festivals in Szeged Hungary things to do in Hungary Life in Hungary adventure park fun

Life in Hungary connects with my childhood memories

The adventure park was a nostalgic trip down memory lane about my early and formative festivals as a child in South Africa.

And as you know by now (if you follow me on Facebook), I got into the bumper cars but stayed away from the rest, except the Octopus.

Especially the XXL Extreme! SO, happy I skipped the hammer swing. It sure was the extreme of the theme park. Not everybody got off gracefully. Some had an oops.

As for the Octopus… well, yours truly could not finish the ride. It was either get off or have an oops! Despite having an empty tummy, it was going to take whatever there was!! So, I got off just in time. Not something I will do again.

Even though I knew I was in a “game,” I couldn’t command my brain and body. My limbs and muscles twitched involuntarily. My whole body was fighting death. Although I am not the typical fearful and frightening kind, this experience has far surpassed all the feelings I have ever experienced.

I live it. Hope you love it.

During my life in Hungary, I got to enjoy ice cream. Something I easily gave a miss in the past. So, I ended the festival with, of course, Hungarian ice cream.

Hungary is known for its award-winning ice creams and has a very definite ice cream season. Ice cream kiosks close for the winter.

  • Whenever you come to Hungary, try Pistachio Fruit (Frutta di Pistacchio), a creation by Hungarian confectioner Ádám Fazekas. It blew away the 11-member jury of experts and subsequently fetched gold for best ice cream at the 2021 World Ice Cream Championship (Gelato Festival World Masters) held in Bologna. 

However, no matter which ice cream you get, you are set for pure enjoyment. Whether you like ice cream or not!

And on that happy note, I conclude today’s chat about my experiences in what I call “Paprika-land”.

I hope you enjoyed the chat!?