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Nothing is more embarrassing than reaching for your luggage bags on the carousel and one of them is in bad shape. You almost feel you want the bag to go around and around until there is not a single soul left to see you pick it up!

Buy cheap, buy twice. I bought bags from the local retail store, and I’ve bought bags from specialist shops. Knowing what I know today, I will go for the more expensive brand, knowing I won’t have to buy again after about three or four journeys. I’ve had soft and hard-sided bags. I’ve had hard-sided bags that crack open after about four flights, or soft-sided bags with the handle breaking off at the most inconvenient time. I never picked the cheapest, but I also never really did my homework before shopping.

So, I can confidently share a few tricks and tips! And please, don’t be shy to add some more tricks and tips in the comment section below!

Luggage Bags

The biggest lesson I got from my experiences is: Buy cheap, buy twice. Whatever you do, make sure it is a once-off buy that will last a lifetime.


Soft-Sided Luggage Bags

  • You can squeeze in more, especially around the edges.
  • You have a greater chance to squeeze a soft bag into a small space than the hard-sided competitor.
  • Their material, if not black, shows up dirt very quickly.
  • The pockets on the outside are great for reaching those little necessities while in transit.
  • If it rains, they get soaking wet.

Hard-Sided Luggage Bags

  • Some are expandable, but it has its limits.                         
  • The size is set. You can not squeeze it into small spaces.
  • They come in very creative patterns and colors, so chances are you will spot your bag a mile away!
  • Come rain, come snow, the inside of your bag stays dry.
  • Because of it being hard-sided I find souvenirs, packed carefully, have a better chance to arrive at the destination in one piece.

Luggage Tips

When traveling to the USA, use TSA-approved locks or zippers because they can inspect any bag at their discretion, and you don’t want a broken lock, etc.

Go for 4-wheel bags. They are easier to handle, and a pleasure to maneuver on the aircraft.

If you want to shop around for luggage bags, weight is important. You need a fine balance between as light as possible and quality. Polycarbonate, aluminum, ABS, and polypropylene are popular hard-sided materials.

Ballistic and Cordura nylon are good material choices for soft-sided bags. Polyester is a lower-cost option.

Shopping Tips

Before I continue, I get no revenue from Samsonite for promoting their bags, but I strongly recommend their range in luggage bags. I quite like a hard-sided case, so I prefer the SAMSONITE WINFIELD SPINNER. The handle is strong enough to lean on while you wait in that dreading lengthy line. But more importantly, the material is flexible. No matter how many bangs it gets, it will stay in shape. Like most bags, this one also has the zipped divider and cross straps to keep your clothing in place. What I like most is that it is expandable, and it comes with side-mounted TSA locks. No lose locks and tiny keys to worry about where exactly I had put them before the flight took off!

TRAVELPRO has some great discounts on some of their bags. If you’re a lover of soft-sided bags, I recommend their range. Their bags have a stain-resistant coating – a big plus! It may not be the best-looking and exciting luggage bag, but it is not the preferred brand for nothing, amongst cabin crew members. It will outlast its competitors and worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

So, I will leave you to shop so you can enjoy your travels around the globe and feel good about your luggage bags on the carousel! Remember… buy cheap, buy twice!