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Make your holiday magical

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If it’s a magical holiday you’re looking for, you’ve landed on the right page. I’m about to give you all the pointers to make the most of your holiday in the proper way.

I bet you’ve been, just like yours truly, to places that you thought did not meet your expectations. And there’s nothing worse than having to bite your lip because of bad holiday choices.  Your bad holiday choices. Well, no more.

The answer is quite simple to spend your hard-earned money on award-winning venues (like resorts and hotels) and places. And yes, it’s quite possible if you plan your trip in advance

I’m kicking off with a feature on adventure holidays, and city holidays (city breaks).  

City breaks, for example, are usually associated with a romantic holiday in Venice or Paris, nightlife in Barcelona, or discovering the history of Rome. However, although those destinations are “absolutely fabulous” there are other city destinations that were internationally recognized in absolutely every area of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.  And that’s the kind of magic I’m talking about. That’s the pointers I’ll be sharing with you to help you make your holiday magical.

Let’s Go!

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The World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destinations 2022

If adventure is your thing, then look no further. You’re about to find out where to book your next holiday.

The most distinguished, comprehensive, and sought-after awards program in the world’s travel and tourism sector is called World Travel Awards™. Many people aspire to, but only a select few, receive a Travel Awards™.

These nine destinations were ‘crowned’ as the World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destinations for 2022. And some of them are determined to keep the award. Such as Chile! Have a look….

  • Azores Islands, Europe (third year running!)
  • Costa Rica, Central America
  • Fiji, Oceania (New Zealand held the coveted award in 2021, and Australia in 2020)
  • Puerto Morelos, Mexico (since 2019)
  • Chile, South America (they walked away with the award every year since 2016!)
  • Saint Lucia, Caribbean (Jamaica held the award in 2021)
  • Thailand, Asia (Japan held it in 2021, and Sri Lanka in 2020)
  • Mauritius, Indian Ocean (since 2019)
  • Ras Al Khaimah, Middle East (since 2018)

City Holidays

Leading city destinations 2022

In 1993, the World Travel Awards were created to recognize, honor, and celebrate achievement in all significant areas of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. The World Travel Awards brand is now acknowledged on a global scale as the pinnacle of industry excellence.

The World Travel Awards honor excellence on every continent each year within various categories, such as the Leading City Destination category.

Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico & Central America
acapulco, sunset, beach, unlock your dreams, travel and home

Porto, Portugal


Miami Beach, Florida, USA

North America
Miami beach, travel specials, travel and home

Melbourne, Australia


Quito, Ecuador

South America

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