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Here’s what Margaret Island is famous for!

It’s time to relax at beautiful, lush Margaret Island (a public space since 1908) with its amazingly well-kept gardens, medieval ruins, popular recreational area, and sprawling view of the Danube. The island belongs administratively to Hungary’s 13th district.

How big is Margaret Island?

  • Length: 2.5 km (1.6 mi).
  • Width: 500 meters (550 yards).
  • Land size: 0.965 km² (225 acres) between the Margaret Bridge (south) and the Árpád Bridge (north).

How to explore the island?

You can explore the island on foot, but I recommend getting some form of transport.

  • If there are enough people on board, you can explore the island by train.
  • Rent a bike, a cart, rollerblades, Segways, pedal-powered carts, or an electric car by the hour. You pay when you return your transport.

Explore the island on your own or get a professional guide if you want to make the most of what there is to see.

Best time to go to Margaret Island

Anything is better on a camera in clear weather conditions, but you may want to go during the week when there is fewer people traffic, thus more relaxation in the open meadows of this peaceful hideaway.

The first few hours of a sunny day are when I believe the island is at its best to enjoy the large green areas, flowery gardens, and old trees. I guess my preference goes back to my childhood when my Mom always spent her most enjoyable hours in the garden during the first half of the morning.

April to May is Springtime and all the flowers get to show off big time.

Mid-September to Mid-October you will experience the most beautiful autumn foliage in a mixture of colors ranging from yellow to orange and to reddish-brownish.

Time duration to spend at Margaret Island

Speaking from experience, the island is not to be rushed. She will charm you for at least a couple of hours. If you’re on a tight schedule, set aside at least a morning or afternoon.

HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 5
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 4
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 9
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 1

Brief history

After the Mongol Invasion, King Béla IV made a vow to God that if God gives him another daughter (by then he had lost two in the war) he would raise her in the service of God if the country could be rebuilt after the devastation caused by the Mongol Invasion (1241 to 1242). The Mongols were returned to their homeland so King Béla had a chance to reorganize and rebuild the country. After that, the 11-year old Princess Margaret was sent to the Dominican convent on the island, as previously vowed. And that’s how the island got to bear her name.

Princess Margaret’s burial place is indicated with a marble plaque at the ruins of the church’ nave.

The island’s community throughout the centuries:
  • The Knights of St. John (12th century) and members of the Augustinian order.
  • Until the 16th century, the island was mostly made up of nunneries, churches, and cloisters.
  • When the Ottoman wars broke out the buildings were destroyed, and the monks and nuns fled the island.
  • On some tree trunks, you can still see the marks of World War II.
  • Today the island has a touch of romance with its beautiful landscape parks and is a popular wedding venue, as well as a health resort.

Things to do

As you enter the island from the southern part, there is a large signpost that maps the various attractions on the island.

Margaret Island Map Things to Do See

Let’s look at a few highlights…

  • Take a leisurely walk.
  • Truly a Jogger’s Paradise as you will find out when you go for a run on the rubber-coated jogging track (5350 meters, marked by every 500 meters) around the island. In addition, the track is well-lit and extremely popular in the cool of the evenings. 
  • Benefit from the hot water springs famous for their healing effects.
  • In the summer months, have a dip in the outdoor pools of Palatinus “Beach”,  one with plenty of slides, and another with a neck shower, effervescence generator, and whirling corridor.
  • There is a beautiful rose garden (opposite the bath).
  • Be pampered in the Danubius Hotel Spa.
  • Meander along the Promenade of Hungarian Artists featuring famous poets, writers, and other artists. For instance, the great Hungarian poet János Arany (1817-1882 wrote his most beautiful poems on the island.
  • Go (from June to end-September) up the 57 m high octagonal Water Tower for a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the Buda Hills.
  • In season, attend an evening show or the open-air theatre.
  • Visit the small Japanese Garden towards the northern end of the island with dwarf trees, water lilies, ducks, an artificial waterfall, and a rock garden.
  • Have a picnic at the Nagyrét (“Big Meadow”) on the beautifully landscaped green meadow at the northern tip of the isle, closer to the Árpád Bridge end.
  • Curious animals await at the small zoo.
  • Relax at the two musical fountains, i.e. at the southern part near Margaret Bridge and at the northern tip close to the Japanese Garden.
    • The 35-m wide pool, at the southern part of the island, with its 1000 sqm water surface is one of the biggest public fountains in Europe. Quite spectacularly, the water jets shoot water out as high as 10 m. If you go during summer, attend one of the many concerts or visit at night (illuminated by 250 colorful LED lamps) to experience the magic of the Musical Fountain after dark.
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island
  • Swim at the Alfréd Hajós Swimming Pool with indoor and outdoor pools. The pool complex hosted the European Swimming Championship in 2006.
  • Enjoy a game of tennis on the clay tennis courts of the Athletic Center or make use of its 3 streetball courts, a grass-covered football field, and a handball field. In addition, enjoy various other ball games such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton.
  • Take the kiddies for some fun at the playground near the Margaret Bridge end of the island, near the musical fountain. The kiddies (ages 5 to 12) are guaranteed to enjoy themselves on a wide range of swings, slides, climbing frames, and other activities.
    • There is another playground with unusual and interesting toys aimed at improving balance and coordination skills. This informative (plenty of boards on environmental topics) and eco playground is close to the Árpád Bridge, right next to the parking lot.
Historical monuments on the island to visit:
  • The 13th-century ruins of a Franciscan church (the 1st ruins from the south entrance), destroyed during the Ottoman rule in the 16th century.
  • Above all, the most notable ruin is the Dominican church and convent Princess Margaret attended. Dominican Convent (13th-16th century). There is a reconstructed well-house at the ruins of the Dominican convent.
  • A medieval Premonstratensian church from the 12th century, the Premonstratensian chapel of St Michael with the oldest bell (cast in the 15th century) of Hungary hangs in its tower. The bell was magically found a few decades ago under the roots of a tree torn by a storm.
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 15
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 14
HUNGARY Budapest Margaret Island 12 1

Eating out

Head over to the northern end of the island for some marvelous restaurants located in some of the best hotels and spas in Europe. Alternatively, buy from the street vendors or munch next to the pool, or relax at a tiny street café.

In conclusion, it’s time to relax in beautiful, lush Margaret Island.

Getting there

Unless you are considered “service traffic” (a hotel, shop, or restaurant) you cannot enter with your car. In the instance of staying at the hotel accommodation, you may park in the allocated parking area on the northern end of the island.

The island is better accessible by public transport from the southern part (city center) than the northern part.

Tram: Margitsziget, lines 4, and 6 (Margaret Bridge).
Bus: Line 26

More things to do in Budapest

Travel and Home used the Hop-on Hof-off Bus. We got off on Margaret Bridge and walked the short distance over the bridge into the southern entrance. To get back on the bus, we walked back to the drop-off point.  This way we had all the time to relax at the beautiful, lush Margaret Island. 

Where to stay

At the top of our page, we provide the booking platform that gives you the best deals on hotels and other types of accommodation.

That said, here is our choice of the top 5 hotels in Budapest with exquisite views of the river Danube. 

About Hungary

List Of Upside-Down Houses In The World

READY TO LIVE IN AN UPSIDE DOWN WORLD? Every person should do something out of the ordinary at least once in their life. Stepping into an upside-down house is not only out of the ordinary but quite an awkward, yet fun experience. Join us as we visit a few upside-down houses in the world… OPEN for TRAVEL OPEN for TRAVEL Popular nowAlgarve, The Most Beautiful Coastline And Towns Featured Houses Flipped in Siofok, Hungary My first experience was in the Balaton region of Hungary. The town of Siofok lies in Somogy County on the southern bank of the beautiful Lake Balaton. These unusual houses are not only built and furnished upside down, but they are also slightly tilted at around 7 degrees. From the moment you enter the house, you’re flipped at an angle. Thus, gone is your comfort zone of walking on at least a flat surface! The combination of the tilt and the upside-down interior is quite an unusual experience. In addition, the Siofok experience has a spiral staircase that takes you straight to the top level. Feeling disorientated as it is, the staircase was sufficient reason for taking it slowly, and not rushing the experience! Not wheelchair friendly, or for people having difficulty walking. You can only pay in cash, the Hungarian Forint. Set aside about 20 minutes for sightseeing and taking photos.  For updated info on opening hours and entrance fees, visit their website. Review Not an impressive view from the street, but once you’re inside the house is right in front of you. A brief but unusual experience one should have at least once in your life. No other amenities, just the house. –July 2021 JC Address: At the corner of Május 1. street and the Main Road no. 7. How to make the most of your time in the Balaton region Walk on the ceiling in Hartbeespoort , South Africa Address: R3, Broederstroom, North West, South Africa It’s a bit overpriced to see the house. However, if you pack a picnic basket, there are plenty of picnic spots and jumping castles for the kids to play. So, to get value for your buck, spend the day. I spotted a few BBQ facilities too! There is a sign indicating a souvenir shop, … still looking for that one! –January 2022 Arina I guess once you’ve been inside one topsy-turvy house, you can comfortably say you’ve had the experience. Another bucket list item checked off! However, I wanted to compare what I’ve seen before with other similar concepts. And so, I visited South Africa’s upside-down house up north in the Hartbeespoort region. I was amazed by the creativity of the design. It must have taken months to complete, if not years. Like Siofok, the concept was similar but at least the staircase was not that daunting.  In addition to the upside-down house, the Hartbeespoort venue combined the attraction with great family-orientated facilities, such as the picnic area and the playground for the kiddies. Frequently Asked Questions Can I pre-book my tickets to jump the line? You can book tickets as part of a half-day excursion. Reserve your spot.  What hotels are near the upside down house? The surrounding area is known for its guesthouses, self-catering accommodation, and lodges.  La Dolce Vita Guest House for Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Château La Mer Exclusive Guesthouse is a 4-star establishment with scenic dam views. First Group Magalies Park for self-catering accommodation. Komo on Kosmos is a privately owned self-catering unit with views of the dam. Meerhof Lodge. What are the opening hours and entrance fee? For updated info on opening hours and entrance fees, visit their website. Antalya, Turkiye (Turkey) First, a short intro to Antalya, once a Roman port in Turkiye. Antalya brings up visions of blue waters, amazing holiday resorts, large hotels overlooking the beaches, and a yacht-filled Old Harbor. No wonder then that Antalya is known as the Turquoise Coast. To get to Antalya you can fly to Antalya’s Airport (AYT), which is about 90 minutes flight time from Istanbul; and around four hours from Bodrum’s airport (BJV). If you are on holiday in Bodrum you could easily extend your trip to include the beauty of Antalya. The upside-down two-level house is not wheelchair friendly. First, a short intro to Antalya, once a Roman port in Turkiye. Antalya brings up visions of blue waters, amazing holiday resorts, large hotels overlooking the beaches, and a yacht-filled Old Harbor. No wonder then that Antalya is known as the Turquoise Coast. To get to Antalya you can fly to Antalya’s Airport (AYT), which is about 90 minutes’ flying time from Istanbul. Something I really love about Antalya’s topsy-turvy house is that Antalya has onsite staff, and they are most helpful in showing you around – even taking pictures at an affordable rate. Usually, I don’t go for such a photo session, but I reckon it is necessary for this instance. It makes for great memories with the entire group in one photo.  Also, they give you fun tips on how to hang like spiderman and other poses which in the end turn out to be amazing photos.  Antalya’s upside-down house sure is a fun place to go with a group of friends. Address: Altıntaş mah, Kardeş Kentler Cd. no 15, 07400 Aksu/Antalya, Turkiye (Turkey) Guatavita, Colombia La Casa Loca lies in Guatavita, about 70 km from Colombia’s capital, namely the colorful city of Bogota. Tourists are head over heels for La Casa Loca, one of Colombia’s latest attractions. The project, in the village of Santa Maria de Guatavita, took two years to complete. La Casa Loca was inaugurated on January 8, 2022. Address: Address: Vereda, Santa María, Guatavita, Cundinamarca, Colombia Not wheelchair friendly, or for people having difficulty walking. For updated info on opening hours and entrance fees, visit their website. List of upside-down houses in the world More unusual experiences In the world Austria: Haus Steht Kopf, Vienna Canada: Device to Root Out Evil – Calgary, Alberta Niagra Falls, Ontario – Watch the video Whoopsy House – Clifton Hill, Niagra Falls China: Taipei, Taiwan Colombia:  Guatavita Estonia: Tartu Georgia: Batumi Germany: Crazy House – Affoldern Dirk Oster’s 200 House – Getorff Trassenheide Usedom Hungary: Siofok (featured above) Indiana: Chester Wheedon Upside Down House – Indianapolis Lithuania: Radailiai, Klaipeda Malaysia: Bandar Hilir, Melaka George Town, Penang Island Kuala Lumpur Philippines: Davao City, Davao del Sur Province, Mindanao Pasay, Metro Manila, Luzon Poland: Szymbark Zakopane (Dom Do Gory Nogami)  Portugal: Sao Miguel, Azores Russia: Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Northwestern District Kazan, Volga District, republic of Tatarstan Moscow St. Petersburg Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Urals District South Africa: Hartbeespoort (featured above) Spain: House of Katmandu – Magalluf, Mallorca (Majorca) Thailand: Pattaya – Na Chom Thian Phuket Turkiye (Turkey): Antalya Ukraine: Polyanytsya United Kingdom: London Livery – Southwark Street, London Brighton Beach, UK – By the way, Brighton’s upside-down house is the UK’s first inverted photo experience USA: Nellie Bly O’Bryan House – Lee Vining, California Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House – Sunrise Golf Village, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Wonderworks – Orlando, Florida Wonderworks – Pigeon Forge, Texas Top Secret, Inc. – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin More reviews from Tourists who Visited Upside-Down Houses Austria, Haus Steht Kopf, Vienna Reviews Malaysia, Geroge Town, Penang Island Reviews Philippines, Davao City Reviews Philippines, Pasay Reviews Poland, Szymbark Reviews Poland, Zakopane Reviews Russia, Kaliningrad Reviews Russia, Kazan Reviews Russia, Moscow Reviews Russia, St Petersburg Reviews Russia, Yekaterinburg Reviews Ukraine, Polyanytsya Reviews United Kingdom (UK), Brighton Reviews United States of America (USA), Niagara Falls, Ontario Reviews If by any chance we missed a location, please tell us about it. Or share YOUR experiences from visiting one of these incredible upside-down houses!

New York Café, Budapest – The World’s Most Beautiful Coffeehouse

New York Café, Budapest – The world’s most beautiful coffeehouse There are a few things that are absolute musts when you visit Budapest, like the Fisherman’s Bastion. And then there is Budapest’s New York Café. It’s packed with history and art. Then to top it off, you are treated like a king and a queen with top-notch service and the tastiest of tasty ‘delectables’, beautifully presented and professionally served. It may not be the oldest coffeehouse in Hungary, but it sure is the most beautiful coffeehouse in Hungary. And for that matter, also the most beautiful coffeehouse in the world! And we have the photos to prove it! Popular nowQuebec – One of Canada’s Most Beautiful Cities The New York Café was built by the same architect who re-designed the Buda Castle in Budapest, namely Alajos Hauszmann. A striking architectural feature to look out for is the entrance, which is guarded by two devilish statues holding lanterns, old symbols for coffee and thought. Created in the Neo-Renaissance style, the building was meant to host a coffeehouse on the ground floor and for New York Life Insurance Company to take residence in the rest of the building. Today, the space once occupied by an insurance company has become a sought-after accommodation reservation at the five-star luxury hotel, the Anantara New York Palace, Budapest (You may click on the link to view their stunning gallery photos). Although construction is recorded to have occurred from 1891 to 1895, the coffeehouse already opened its doors to the public in 1894. Don’t you just love such preservation of history, right? There are many legendary stories that are still being told today. Like, it was THE place to be for young writers spending many hours dreaming and smoking endless cigarettes. They would exchange poems for coffee! Another narrative is that the famous playwright Ferenc Molnár of Pál Street Boys fame, was so besotted with the coffeehouse that one night, to prevent them from ever closing their doors, he threw the keys in the river Danube! As colorful as its past, so is it today. Guests make online reservations to skip the line upon arrival. We did not make a reservation. Consequently, we had about 10 minutes of waiting in line, which was offset by appreciating the interior design’s opulence and mellow piano sounds, perfectly compatible with the smooth and melodious violin sounds that followed during intervals. Make an online table reservation if you want to skip the line. Travel and Home Challenge When in Budapest, go to the intersection of Dohány and Osvát utca (utca, meaning street). Spot the work of urban sculptor Mihály Kolodko atop a fire hydrant, namely a diver with a key in his hand which he presumedly salvaged from the Danube River! Take a photograph and post it to Travel and Home’s Facebook! Visit Budapest & Experience The Magic! It’s a city with magical vibes. Budapest brings together history, culture, thriving nightlife, amazing food experiences, art, museums, and culture galore. Have a look >>

The Best Of Budapest | Popular Attractions

Europe’s Hidden Treasure – Budapest In 2019 more than 62,000 travelers voted Budapest the best destination in Europe, leaving London, Paris, and even Barcelona in the dust.  The European Best Destinations (EBD) contest is a reflection of the magic of Budapest in the Old Continent.  Nearest Airport Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, formerly known as Budapest Ferihegy International Airport and commonly known as Budapest Airport. Best time to visit Budapest Budapest is a summer holiday destination. The European summer is from June to August is the best time to explore Budapest. This is the time when there are usually plenty of festivals and great summer vibes.  Budapest gets snow in the winter, but the city is not a winter ski destination. The city’s landscape does not lend itself to skiing. Popular nowPoland – Book Excellent Ski Accommodation Budapest is served by an extensive public transportation network. The Millennium Underground is the second oldest underground railway in the world (after London’s Metropolitan Line)! Tickets must be bought before boarding, and are available at metro stops and newsstands. But be warned: a standard single ticket doesn’t allow you to change between lines, so ask about special tickets if your journey requires them. – How to get around How Expensive is Budapest The travel costs below are averages to help you plan your trip’s budget. It is the combined results from real travelers, just like you. Budapest Travel Costs Save with city card The 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120-hour Budapest Card gives you: discounts on tours, and popular restaurants unlimited use of public transport free entry to top museums like the Budapest History Museum and Hungarian National Gallery free entry to Lukács Thermal Bath and Pool You also get a guidebook that sets out all the freebies and discounted travel deals. The Best of Budapest Even just seeing the sights could fill a long weekend in the city quite effortlessly. If you want to experience Budapest’s best baths, museums, and nightlife then start thinking about at least a week! – How many days Get Your 4-Day Free Itinerary: Budapest No strings attached. View, save, print, and/or share with friends. Having been to Budapest plenty of times, these are the places you need to explore. Click Here BUDA CASTLE – A UNESCO World Heritage Site Budapest, the Buda Castle Quarter, and Andrássy Avenue are known as the Pearl of the Danube. “It is one of the world’s outstanding urban landscapes and illustrates the great periods in the history of the Hungarian capital.” – Read More Hop-On-Hop-Off in Budapest See all the top sights of the city and you can hop-on and hop-off at major landmarks to explore in your own time. Recorded commentary is available in multiple languages making Big Bus’ Hop-On-Hop-Off a perfect option in terms of flexibility. Travel and Home tried and tested Big Bus’ Hop-On-Hop-Off routes and it’s worth it.  City Sightseeing Budapest Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with Optional Boat Ride Reserve Now & Pay Later Organ Concert in the St. Stephen’s Basilica with Optional Danube Cruise Reserve Now & Pay Later Interesting facts about St Stephen’s Basilica The largest religious building in Hungary. Together with the parliament, the highest structure in Hungary which is 96 meters (315 ft) – this equation symbolizes that worldly and spiritual thinking have the same importance in Hungary. Alan Parker, director of the movie EVITA, chose St. Stephen’s Basilica for the wedding scene between Evita and Perón. The biggest bell in Hungary is in St. Stephen’s Basilica – all of 9 tonnes of iron! And now for something freaky… The mummified hand (“Holy Hand”) of St. Stephen (who passed away more than 1,000 years ago) is on display in the Basilica! Go up in the Panorama Lookout Tower for a panoramic view of Budapest. You simply have to book an evening concert in the Basilica. The sound is incredible, and the atmosphere is beyond words. The Basilica is also open to masses and ceremonies. ENTRANCE is free. Donations are welcomed. Address: Szent István tér 1 Half-Day Wine Tasting Tour In Etyek Wine Country Near Budapest Experience the best of Hungary’s wine region on a half-day Etyek wine country tour from Budapest with dinner. You’ll leave the capital city in the morning or the afternoon to discover the serene landscape of the Etyek wine region, known best for its white and sparkling varieties.  Family Fun In Budapest Budapest attracts a lot of visitors at the height of summer. However, with its sights spread all over the place, the city absorbs large influxes of tourists better than most. Still, the best time to visit is probably early or late summer when the weather’s not too hot to enjoy the thermal baths! – When to go Previous Next Get tickets for Budapest Zoo More Sightseeing In Budapest And if the above selection has not done it for you, don’t worry. There is more than enough to see and do in Budapest. Heroes’ Square Hősök tere (as it is known in Hungary) honors the seven founding figures of the country, as well as a few other noteworthy national leaders. In close proximity is the Museum of Fine Art with the Kunsthalle art museum next door. Behind Heroes’ Square is the vast City Park with plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the view of Heroes’ Square. Address: Hősök tere Have You Had Your Lángos Today? When in Hungary it is almost compulsory to try the country’s national street food. More About Lángos, With Recipe House of Terror Guided Tour Visit the building of the central office of AVO, the Communist secret police. Learn about the shocking atrocities carried out here by the secret police from your guide. Guided tour in English with a professional local tour guide Duration: 1.5 hours Check Availability Best Budapest Tours, Excursions, and Activities Tours in Budapest of one hour or less Tours in Budapest one to four hours GetYourGuide provides the best short tours in Budapest for travelers on a budget, or couples, groups, and families. We’ve selected the best 12 tours, excursions, and activities in Budapest. Enjoy! Load more options of things to do in Budapest According to scientific studies, water has a positive impact on mental well-being and the river Danube does it for me.  Compared with a dinner cruise and music, it is a sure winner. But there’s more to Budapest than the Danube.  You might have heard about the 5 Ways to Well-Being, i.e. connect, give, take notice, keep learning, and be active. Rest assured, all five will come to fruition when you visit Budapest, Europe’s Best Destination for 2019. Tours in and from Budapest Cycle the Danube | Book a port-to-port river cruise from Vienna to Budapest | 3 cities with 3 nights in each, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest | Explore best holiday destinations such as Budapest, Esztergom, Bratislava, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov, Tabor, Prague by coach (bus) | Self-guided tours Click Here Places To Visit Near Budapest More about Eger >> Private winetasting and sightseeing tour to Eger, home to Bull’s Blood wine! Private Szekesfehervar and Veszprem day trip Heviz Thermal Lake and Keszthely Castle private tour Godollo Palace and Magic Hungary Horse Show from Budapest Hidden Gems Near Budapest Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom, and Komárom Four perfect day-trips if you’re visiting Budapest, or living near enough. Click Here Balatonberény Balatonberény makes for the perfect getaway when you want to avoid the crowds Click Here Cheap flights to Budapest Where To Stay In Budapest A Touch of Class The Best of Budapest in Accommodation Tried and tested! See what’s available and what’s hot and not!! Click Here Need a place to stay in Budapest? GET THE BEST DEAL.  Search over fifty major booking platforms, such as,,, Airbnb, Expedia, and others. Compare Prices Brudern House (1907) – Budapest architecture Experience the SPECTACLE OF THIS ARCHITECTURAL WONDER. Whether you have coffee, lunch, dinner, or just drinks, you just have to pop in. Go inside to Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest and be swept away! The beautiful wall carvings, ceilings, and the many different types of floor coverings will have your head going in multiple directions all the time. “Look where you walk!” has a new meaning when you walk into BRUDERN HOUSE. The ‘mettlachi’ floor cladding was originally made by Villeroy and Boch (and exquisitely kept updated over the years) and you will also see mosaic and glass inserts. Address: Ferenciek ter 10 You may also like

Popular Budapest: The Best 4-Day Itinerary

BUDAPEST IN 4 DAYS Travel with us as we explore the best attractions in Budapest, another award-winning city in Europe. Catch the world-famous Budapest vibe! Budapest: the best 4-Day Itinerary DAY 1 Check into your booked accommodation on the Pest side.  Walk around the city and catch the Budapest vibes. End the day with views of illuminated Budapest.  Taste traditional Hungarian cuisine on the Danube while relaxing on a 2-hour long cruise, accompanied by live music.Popular nowDulce de leche – The Best Home Made Caramel DAY 2 Cross the historic Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Lanchid), constructed in 1849. The bridge was the first permanent bridge between the then separate two towns, Buda and Pest, to unite the two riverside towns. Today we know it as Budapest. As you cross the bridge, Buda Castle lies in front of you.  Also, the Buda Hill Funicular.  To get the best of the views, I suggest booking a single ticket to go up and walk down the steps instead. By the way, the funicular has been in operation since 1870. Don’t expect to go up or down at a fast speed. It’s all part of appreciating that it’s been transporting tourists since 1920, and still going. The funicular connects the Buda Castle on top of the hill (with some stunning views of the city) with the Adam Clark Square down at the Danube river. Address: Clark Ádám tér The almost 800-year-old Buda Castle is at the top of Buda Hill. The castle, previously known as the Royal Palace or the Royal Castle, dates all the way back to 1265. It grew in size between 1749 and 1769 and today hosts the Hungarian National Gallery and The Budapest History Museum.  The magical 100-year-old Fisherman’s Bastion is about 10 minutes away, on foot.  Its medieval architecture is what fairytales are made of.  This most beautiful landmark along the Danube, located in the Buda Castle, has 7 high-pitched stone towers. The towers symbolize the 7 Hungarian chieftains who founded Hungary in 895. The current landmark dates to the 1700s and was renovated in Neo-Romanesque style between 1895 and 1902. Next is the Matthias Church, constructed in 1015 with classic neo-gothic features.  “Two Kings of Hungary were crowned within its walls: Franz Joseph I of Hungary and Elisabeth, and Charles IV of Hungary and Zita of Bourbon-Parma.”  In 1686 one of the church’s walls collapsed because of cannon fire during the siege of Buda city. The only good that came from the collapse of the wall was that an old votive Madonna statue was found hidden behind the wall! Then, on your way back stop at the Jewish World War II Memorial Shoes on the Danube Bank. Sixty pairs of shoes in the 1940s fashion, sculpted out of iron, true to life-size, is a haunting tribute to commemorate the victims of the Jewish community during World War II. The shoes serve as a reminder that the Jews were ordered to take off the shoes before they were shot. DAY 3 Visit Europe’s largest synagogue, namely the beautiful Dohany Street Synagogue. It’s also the second-largest synagogue in the world. The entry ticket includes an entrance to the Hungarian Jewish Museum, on the side of the synagogue.  Also, in the courtyard is the Tree of Life memorial. It has 30.000 names of Holocaust victims. The Jewish Quarter is famous for Ruin Bars, like Szimpla Kert. Ruin Bars are in old buildings and have plenty of character. It’s known to be funky and a popular hang-out spot when you want to meet up with other travelers or locals, drink and even dance. Next up is a visit to the Central Market Hall.  Shopping time! Fővám Square is the starting point of the famous Váci shopping street. From here you will find the Central Market Hall, the enchanting Liberty Bridge, and plenty of great cafés and architecture!  The Central Market Hall is our recommendation for souvenir shopping.  Liberty Bridge lies near the Market Hall and takes you back to the Buda side of Budapest. It’s noteworthy for two things, namely being Budapest’s shortest bridge, and secondly, being the first bridge that was repaired after World War II. If thermal baths are not your thing, then head on over to the well-maintained gardens of Margaret Island.  However, when you cross the Liberty Bridge, you find yourself in Gellert Square. Hungary is a land-locked country, meaning there is no ocean to be found but that does not mean there is no water in Hungary. “Thermal baths” is a strong tradition in the Hungarian culture. Gellert Thermal Bath is just the place to enjoy a relaxed spa afternoon. Alternatively, head on over to Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which is the largest mineral bath in Europe, with over twenty pools. The mineral-rich waters flow constantly from two hot springs.  DAY 4 Travel Tip, Budapest The Hungarian Parliament is a must-see.  Book well in advance. (We did not and could not get tickets for our first trip.) They’re usually open from 08h00 to 18h00, and on weekends until 16h00. The Hungarian Parliament Building is situated on the eastern banks of the Danube River which is Europe’s second-longest river, after the Volga that runs through Central and Eastern Europe.  The parliament building is on the Pest side of the city and was designed in the neo-Gothic style by the Hungarian architect Imre Steindl. It opened in 1902 and is a popular tourist destination. Address: Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3 From here hop on a river cruise from where you have fabulous views of plenty of Budapest’s famous landmarks. Lastly, end the day and tour on a high note. Attend an organ concert in the St Stephen’s Basilica, a neoclassical wonder from 1905. The evening concert is an unforgettable experience. If you can afford the extra splash, get seated in the front section. This is Budapest A must-read before visiting Budapest. Travel tips and tickets, accommodation, concerts and much more. Click Here Sneak Preview of Day 3 Margaret Island, dating back to the 12th century It’s time to relax at beautiful, lush Margaret Island (a public space since 1908) with its beautiful gardens, medieval ruins, popular recreational area, and amazing view on the Danube belongs administratively to Hungary’s 13th district. Read More To conclude, Budapest has so much to show the keen traveler. If you have more than 4 days available, it will be worth it to extend your trip. PS: If you’ve enjoyed Budapest: The Best 4-Day Itinerary, why not spread your wings and grab Popular Edinburgh: The Best 72-hour Itinerary!?

Life in Hungary… My Latest Festival Experience

Life in Hungary… Festival Time at the end of April Another bit of my life in Hungary…  Specifically, the past weekend in UjSzeged. Uj, meaning new. It’s the suburb of Szeged where we live. The last festival for April ran from the 29th to 1st May. We decided to go on the last day since we knew it would be a popular event. Especially since all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. It is the first day of May. The spring flowers are in bloom, young and old are in festival mode, laughter all around me, families spend time together and it is one big party! The ambiance was great. Not a single piece of paper lying around (it was very noticeable) and no pushing. Another relaxing family weekend that we’ll remember for a long, long time. Hungarian Street Food Traditional Hungarian cuisine was out for all to indulge. Like Halászlé, the mixed freshwater/river fish soup, and Körtöskalács, a type of spit cake, which is prepared with dough that is wrapped around a stick, before being baked on an open fire. Also known as the Chimney cake, it is topped with cinnamon sugar or a mixture of sugar and walnut.Popular nowMadeira Portugal – The Best and Beautiful Places to Stay Halászlé (fisherman’s soup) is a Hungarian dish, prepared for centuries by fishermen and their families along the banks of the Danube with generous amounts of hot paprika. The soup is not only a popular street food at festivals but also very much part of a traditional Christmas. The cotton candy floss was out in traditional pinks and blues, which I knew as “Spook Asem” as a child. Directly translated, it is ghosts’ breath! Life in Hungary connects with my childhood memories The adventure park was a nostalgic trip down memory lane about my early and formative festivals as a child in South Africa. And as you know by now (if you follow me on Facebook), I got into the bumper cars but stayed away from the rest, except the Octopus. Especially the XXL Extreme! SO, happy I skipped the hammer swing. It sure was the extreme of the theme park. Not everybody got off gracefully. Some had an oops. As for the Octopus… well, yours truly could not finish the ride. It was either get off or have an oops! Despite having an empty tummy, it was going to take whatever there was!! So, I got off just in time. Not something I will do again. Even though I knew I was in a “game,” I couldn’t command my brain and body. My limbs and muscles twitched involuntarily. My whole body was fighting death. Although I am not the typical fearful and frightening kind, this experience has far surpassed all the feelings I have ever experienced. Tweet I live it. Hope you love it. During my life in Hungary, I got to enjoy ice cream. Something I easily gave a miss in the past. So, I ended the festival with, of course, Hungarian ice cream. Hungary is known for its award-winning ice creams and has a very definite ice cream season. Ice cream kiosks close for the winter. Whenever you come to Hungary, try Pistachio Fruit (Frutta di Pistacchio), a creation by Hungarian confectioner Ádám Fazekas. It blew away the 11-member jury of experts and subsequently fetched gold for best ice cream at the 2021 World Ice Cream Championship (Gelato Festival World Masters) held in Bologna.  However, no matter which ice cream you get, you are set for pure enjoyment. Whether you like ice cream or not! And on that happy note, I conclude today’s chat about my experiences in what I call “Paprika-land”. I hope you enjoyed the chat!? 

40 of the Most Familiar & Bizarre Hungarian Superstitions

MOST FAMILIAR AND BIZARRE HUNGARIAN SUPERSTITIONS Are you superstitious? Whether or not, most people can’t help but think twice before acting out something that could be superstitious. Like, who wants to lose money? Nope, not me. And for that reason, I very quickly picked up my handbag from the floor when I was told about the Hungarian superstitions around purses on the floor! Despite not being a superstitious person that little voice on my shoulder whispered, “just in case…let’s play it safe!” If you are on your way to visit Hungary, it will not harm to know a bit more about the Hungarian culture. There are quite a few Hungarian superstitions of which some have even more than one superstition attached to the actual event (like when a spider comes down on you). Some are laughed at, and some are taken much more seriously even up to today despite their ancient origin. Travel and Home gathered a few common and crazy superstitions.Popular nowVerona Italy – The Beautiful City of Romance A squabble is expected… if the salt spills unless you throw salt over your left shoulder. if someone has an itchy nose. if a knife falls to the ground. It is good luck… if your left eye is itching. if a black cat crosses the road in front of you from right to left. if your right eye twitches. There will soon be a child blessing in the family. if you carry a coin in your purse or wallet so you are never poor. if you find a four-leaf clover. if you first put on your left shoe. if you accidentally drop an egg and it breaks. Good news is on their way! if you come across a wedding ceremony because it brings luck in love and childbirth. if you see a chimney sweep and reach for the nearest button while making a wish. if a horseshoe is placed over a house’s front door. It protects the inhabitants from trouble and disease. if Friday falls on the 13th calendar day. Yes, the exact opposite of general superstitions! Ill health and even death are expected… if you do your laundry on Christmas Day. if a picture falls off the wall. The worst is expected when the glass is broken too! An unexpected guest arrives, … if the door opens by itself. if a spider descends on a human. if you bump your elbow. Nightmarish dreams are driven away, … if a horseshoe is posted in the bedroom. Family troubles are looming, … if any furniture is crunching. Fast childbirth expected, … if the water spills out towards the person who will have the child. Expect to come into money, … if a spider descends on you because it will bring money to the house. if your left palm is itchy. Expect to lose money… if your right palm is itchy. if your handbag, purse, or wallet is on the floor. A purse on the floor is money out the door. if your wardrobe door opens automatically. It is bad luck… if your right eye is itching. Grief is on its way! if a black cat crosses the road in front of you from left to right. if your left eye twitches. I could mean there will be death. if you leave new shoes on the table. if you give someone an empty wallet, and the bad luck is on you because the giver will never be rich. if you drop an egg and it only cracks or stays intact. if you break a mirror because there will be no marriage on the cards for seven years. You have the chance to reverse the bad luck if you collect and bury the mirror shards in the moonlight. That said, some Hungarians believe you will be lucky for seven years, which is once again the opposite of general superstitions around the world. if it suddenly rained on the day of the wedding. South Africans believe it is good luck if you have rain on your wedding day because it is God’s blessing on you! if your house’s door opens to the street, and not inwards. Bad luck will hit the house. if you eat poultry meat on New Year’s Day because the chicken can scrape your luck off the ground. if you break a plate that was not cracked before. if an unmarried person sits at the corner of the table. Forget about getting married for at least seven years. if you walk under an opened triangle ladder unless, of course, you cross your fingers while doing so. So, there you have it. Many of the Hungarian superstitions are also practiced in other cultures. Every culture has their own, and sometimes even bizarre, superstitions. Some people believe that God overrides all these superstitions. However, some people do indeed follow a few superstitions despite their religious orientation, if only to solidify that Lady Luck stays friendly to them! Best Europe Travel Deals | How to Save Don’t forget to join us on Facebook where you have the ideal opportunity to request travel articles specific to your needs. We want to make travel fun and point you to more rewarding ways to travel. 

The Best of Hungary | Your Travel Guide

The Best of Hungary | Your Ultimate Travel Guide Today I will give you the highlights this beautiful landlocked country has to offer. From Hungary’s hidden gems to the best accommodation and saving tips to keep your travel budget in check. “With 10 beautiful national parks, 37 landscape protection areas, 162 nature conservation areas, 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and several outstanding national treasures, Hungary is a country of immense beauty. If you visit Hungary, definitely make time to explore the country’s spectacular lakes, thermal baths, vast wine regions, and charming historic towns.” Places to go Museums UNESCO World Heritage Sites Wine region Eger Culture Festivals All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day Superstitions Christmas Markets Christmas trees Destinations Budapest Szeged Hidden Gem Balatonberény Outdoor activities Snow Ski ‘Seaside’ Food Lángos & What To Eat Popular nowExperience The Best of Singapore in one Day Not to be missed around Balaton Best Budapest Accommodation Not to be missed around Budapest Most popular Day trip from Budapest Llist of museums in Budapest Hungary Three most beautiful coffee houses The New York Café looks like Versailles! The iconic Centrál Coffee House dates to 1887. Gerbeaud, one of Hungary’s most famous gastronomic assets. Must Read The best of Budapest Hungary’s Award-Winning capital city Find out what you should NOT miss, and then some…! More Don’t do this in Hungary Don’t wear shoes in other people’s houses. Unless your host tells you it’s OK to keep them on, take them off immediately when you enter.  It’s expensive to have house-cleaning staff.  Generally, domestic cleaning staff are paid by the hour, so be respectful. Don’t make fun of names, and don’t make mean comments. Jokes such as being “hungry in Hungary” are viewed as inappropriate and disrespectful to the country. Hungarians are immensely proud of their cultural heritage. Consider the cultural differences. Don’t decline food or drinks. Hungarians are extremely hospitable. They will go out of their way to prepare something special for their guests, and so it is seen as rude to decline to taste something or at least have a small bite.  This brings me to the next “don’t”… Don’t drink and drive. Hungary has a zero-tolerance for drinking and driving. And they take it seriously. If you arrive with your own car your host will not feel offended if you decline their traditional Unicum or Pálinka liqueur or any other alcoholic drink they may serve. Also, your host will understand if you are not drinking any alcohol at all, or if you’re taking medication. Unless you really want to know, don’t greet people with “How are you?” Usually, the question is answered with an “OK”, “good and you?” or “fine, thank you”. However, not in Hungary. Hungarians take this question seriously and will tell you in detail how they feel and what happened. Largest Lake of Central Europe Hungary’s Historic Castles Quality Gift Shopping Herend Porcelain Visit the world-famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory in the city of Herend. The Herend Porcelain Manufactory (Hungarian: Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.) is a Hungarian manufacturing company, specializing in luxury hand-painted and gilded porcelain. Founded in 1826, it is based in the town of Herend near the city of Veszprém. From Budapest, Herend is around 1 hour 30 minutes by car; or about 15 minutes by car from Veszprém. Website: Herend Porcelain >> Shopping Ideas to thank someone special If you’re staying with friends while in Hungary, it is no point in giving them something local. They can get that themselves. Some of my best thank you gifts that I’ve received are e-books and then, of course, a surprise gift about a country I was about to travel to soon, like a city pass or a big bus ticket. Click for some of the most amazing thank you gift ideas! Best Views in Hungary Prédikálószék (Pulpit) – Danube Bend, Visegrád Mountains Szépkilátó – Balatongyörök Tar-kő (Tar-stone) − Bükk Mountains Kékestető (also a great spot for skiers), and the Galya Lookout − Galyatető − Mátra Mountains Hungarian Culture Hungarian Dog You’re in for a big surprise if you think you’re picking up a mop! Folk Art The ancient city of Győr A perfect Day Trip from Budapest Győr lies in the north-western part of Hungary on one of the most important roads of Central Europe, halfway between Budapest and Vienna. Győr, an enchanting town abundant in beautiful baroque buildings, hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2017.  The oldest part of the town is Káptalan Hill at the confluence of the Danube, Rába, and Rábca rivers. The ancient city is also a university town and a popular tourist destination. Whether you visit Győr on your own, join a small tour group on a day trip, or as part of a multi-day tour to or from Vienna or Prague, it is worth a stop. Short Trips and Multi-Day Tours Travel Deals Sightseeing With the Budapest Card you get free public transport within Budapest, up to 50% discounts at baths, sights, churches, museums, restaurants, bars, sightseeing tours, boat trips, and concerts. Get Yours Now Flights to Budapest Extend your trip – Countries Bordering Hungary Ukraine’s Spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites Cavtat, One of Croatia’s Most Stunning Hidden Gems Lake Ossiach | One of Austria’s Hidden Gems? Orșova Romania – Beautiful Places To See Immerse Yourself in the Incredible Ljubljana Two more countries share borders with Hungary, namely Serbia and Slovakia.

Eger | The Legend of The Bull’s Blood

EGER, A BUCKET LIST ITEM when you visit Hungary When you talk about wine to Hungarians, they are quick to point out that you simply must explore Eger, also known as “The Baroque Pearl” of Europe. And that’s exactly what ‘Travel and Home’ did.  Best time to visit Eger This charming city is one of the travel bucket list destinations of Hungary. You’ll know you’re nearby when out of nowhere, the vineyards start popping up on the outskirts of the city. Indeed, a beautiful sight in the summer with juicy grapes hanging from the vines, ready to be turned into wine. You’ll enjoy warm sunny days between June to August, generally ranging from the upper 20’s to around the mid-’30s. The humidity in July/early-August can be quite high, sometimes exceeding your comfort level. (We visited Eger in August – re photos and video material.)Popular nowBeautiful Capri: The Best 1-Day Itinerary In autumn (September to November) you have the warm autumn-colored leaves (especially around end-October / mid-November), putting on a spectacular display. Winter is most definitely not a season for tourism in Hungary. Days are grey, there’s little sunshine, daylight hours are short, and it is cold. In addition, most noteworthy attractions close during the winter months. Weather forecast for Eger. Best month to travel Hungary – weather and climate travel guide. Have You Had Your Lángos Today? When in Hungary it is almost compulsory to try the country’s national street food. More About Lángos, With Recipe Eger is famous for Eger is known for superior wines (both reds, and whites), healing and family-friendly thermal baths (dating back to 1932), noteworthy monuments and sightseeing, and beautiful baroque buildings. For instance, the County Hall, with its fine wrought-iron gate, and Minorite Church (constructed in 1771) dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. It’s also known for its 4-kilometer underground cellar system, The City Under The City.  Keep reading… Get Your Visa Approved Seamless, Simple, Reliable At the same time, check the travel requirements. Online VIsa Application Things to do and places to see in Eger Follow our attractions on the map, and you have yourself a free itinerary, with the compliments of Travel and Home, of the top attractions in Eger!  Eger Castle is a fascinating medieval castle overlooking the city. For this excursion, you need to plan your trip to have a half-day allocated for sightseeing. Also, the castle’s history is exhibited in a picture gallery in the István Dobó Castle Museum, on the very same grounds. (Address: Vár 1) The Marzipan Museum is an amazing collection of marzipan pieces sculpted to sheer perfection. (Address: Harangöntő utca. 4)  Opposite the museum, you can not help to notice the Minaret. Go up the 40-meter high Minaret, a cultural heritage that dates back to 1596 (during the Ottoman Empire), and climb the almost 100 steps to the top for exquisite views.  (Address: Knézich Károly utca) Dobó István Square (Dobó István tér) is well-positioned for a stop at one of the many outdoor cafes with a view of the summer fountain and the Baroque Church of Anthony of Padua. Egri Road Beatles Museum is a fascinating exhibition of the world-famous music band, their performances, souvenirs, magazines featuring the Beatles, photo galleries, a few outfits, and more…  (Address: Csiky Sándor utca 30) When arriving in Eger, it’s almost impossible to miss the beautiful Neoclassical building that is home to the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle. A visit to the Basilica is a must-do for cathedral-lovers and one of the best places where you can regain your quietude.  Now, for a bit more about the City Under The City. Having enjoyed the tranquility of the cathedral, turn to your left as you go down the stairs. Look out for a small entrance, which is where you enter the former cellar used by the Bishop to store the tax wine. Unfortunately, none of the up to 12 million liters of wine that he stored, are there today!  Thermal baths to Hungarians are a way of life. They grew up with them. After all, in Budapest alone, there are more than 1,300 thermal water springs! Therefore, live like a local and find out what’s it all about at the Eger’s Thermal Baths. (Address: Petőfi tér 2.) Minaret The Valley of Beautiful Women is more about wine than about beautiful women First, let me clarify the how-to-get-there part. It’s about a half hour’s walk from Dobó István Square. Alternatively, catch a taxi or take the sightseeing train that leaves every 15 minutes from Egeségház Utca 4. Whatever you do, don’t drive there if you intend to do some wine-tasting. Hungary has a very firm zero-tolerance policy as far as drink and drive is concerned.  There are several cellars where you can do a wine tasting. If you’ve done wine tasting in South Africa or Napa Valley in California, don’t expect the same. Instead of visiting a single wine estate at a time, here you have several cellars in quaint cave-like little hides. Here, instead of pub crawling, you so cellar crawling. At this point, you must know that should a Hungarian find out you were here, the first question will most probably be: “So how did you find our famous Bull’s Blood?” Therefore, make a point of tasting Egri Bikavér, with a rich history going back to the 16th century. Legend holds that the very same István Dobó after which the city’s square is named, thought to give the soldiers a bit of motivation by giving them red wine. Lots of it. The disheartened soldiers made good use of it, dripping onto their beards, and the enemy, the Turks, interpreted it as bulls’ blood, not knowing it was actually wine. Needless to say, the Turks were too scared to attack the soldiers of Eger because after all, the soldiers were believed to have the power of the bull, having drunk the blood! But, alas, all of this is only a legend. Today, we’d call it fake news. In addition to the cellars, there are a wide variety of street cafes. And if you were wondering about the language factor? At this valley, they’re keen to explain which wine is which. Hiking near Eger Beehive stones at the southern foot of the Bükk Mountains The stone culture refers to the installations that the population here made out of stone or carved into stone: cave homes, wine cellars, pens for hundreds of sheep. The most intriguing ones are the hive-stones: man-made niches of an unknown purpose, which are under natural and archaeological protection. Hiking in the Bükk Mountains near Eger Our meeting point will be at the central bus station of Eger, where we will catch the bus that will take us to the starting point of our hiking activity about 20km away. From there we will walk and climb the highest peaks in the Bükk area to check observation points with the most stunning views in the country. The excursion will be 16km long with 700m elevation. The route is moderately difficult, not recommended for people without previous hiking experience. At the end of the trip we will arrive to the village of Szilvásvárad where participants will have a chance to have a meal at the local restaurants. Afterwards we will catch the bus back to the central bus station of Eger. Viator Additional Info Reserve Now & Pay Later Secure your spot while staying flexible Free cancellation Up to 24 hours in advance UNESCO World Heritage sites near Eger – perfect day-trips #TravelAndHome recommendation: Before you embark on a road trip to any one of the below sites, first click on the links to find out what you can expect. Hortobágy National Park – the Puszta. A cultural landscape of plains and wetlands. Distance from Eger: 1 hr (66.4 km) via Route 33 #TravelAndHome review: This is an excursion for passionate conservationists. The old 16th-century village of Hollókő and its surroundings. A living example of rural life during the 17th and 18th centuries. Distance from Eger: 1 hr 24 min (87.1 km) via Route 23 Baradla Aggtelek Cave (Entrance). Over 712 caves provide insight into our geological history over tens of millions of years. Distance from Eger: 1 hr 28 min (84.9 km) via 25-ös főút/Route 25 Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape 2 hr 12 min (167.0 km) via Route 37 Where to stay in eger Best lodging options in Eger It was a toss-up to stay between the two hotels featured below. Hotel Eger & Park won in the end (and with no regrets, at all), so the next booking will be at the equally highly recommended Hunguest Hotel Flora.  When you look for places to stay, keep in mind that Hotellook compares prices including that of . So you really get the best deal.  BOOKING.COM How to get to Eger from Budapest Budapest is the nearest airport to Eger.  From Budapest by car, it will take you about 1h30m to get to Eger (132 km, via the M3). From Budapest, Take Bem rkp., Lehel u., Róbert Károly körút and M3 bevezető to M3 – 21 min (12.7 km) Continue on the M3 to Eger – 59 min (115 km) Take 25-ös főút/Route 25 to Szúnyog köz – 13 min (6.8 km) You’ve arrived in Eger! Come, get lost with me in hungary… The Best Of Budapest | Free 4-Day Itinerary List Of Upside Down Houses In The World The Most Unusual Places in the World Síaréna Eplény, The Largest Ski Resort In Hungary Discover Hungary Tell us what you think, or give a review? We love sharing our experiences. Especially if they were as enjoyable as our visit to this beautiful destination in Hungary. That said, we also love hearing your version. It helps our other readers to make up their minds as to what to do, and where to stay. And so, they have more ideas for their next trip. All thanks to your feedback in addition to ours. Been here? Done it! Share it!!

The Most Unusual Places in the World

Our planet is covered with the most unique places and sights you can possibly dream of. It is when you actually get to experience such a phenomenon that you stand in absolute awe of our creation. No matter what your religious orientation is, you know you are truly blessed with such an amazing planet with so many beautiful and unique destinations.  Let us know if you’ve been to any of our featured unique places in the world! What went through your mind when you saw such a wondrous sight? 1. Seven Colored Earths, Mauritius The dunes are the result of volcanic activity. You can buy a combined ticket for the Chamarel Waterfall and the Seven Colored Earths, which is worth it. Although maybe not the highest waterfall you’ve ever seen, but it is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. Adventure-seekers can abseil down the falls!Popular nowPositano: Proceed With Caution, You May Fall In Love! Although the sand dunes are protected from us humans with a fence, you have a lovely walkway around the edge of the 1-hectare dune area. While you’re here you may as well continue to the Black River Gorges Viewpoint for some of the most scenic routes ever. Full Article on Mauritius Accommodation in Mauritius Seven Colored Earths Entrance Tickets, Tours & Trips 2. Tunnel of Love, Rivne, Ukraine This picturesque Tunnel of Love is popular amongst couples. You’d never say it is part of an industrial railway located near Klevan, Ukraine, that links it with Orzhiv. A beautiful spot to take a 3 to 5-kilometer walk. Getting to this dreamy lush spot is not the easiest of things. You’ve got to put some work into it. From the city of Rivne drive to Klevan, about 30 km (18 miles) further. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Klevan. Another option is to catch a train to Lutsk. Via Rivne-Lutsk road, you’ll reach the crossroads at Zoria, a small village with signposts that will guide you further. Collect another precious memory – it’s worth it! 10 Best Hotels in Rivne Private Tour to Tuel of Love from Kiev 3. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia Also known as “the gateway to hell” the Danakil Depression is generally referred to as the hottest place on the planet! This alien-like landscape is the result of the continental drift of three tectonic plates. Salt lakes, lava lakes, volcanoes, and colorful acidic springs bake in temperatures of 34.5°C (94°F) to around 55°C (131°F), and even more! Thanks to geothermal heat caused by volcanic activity, the climate is challenging for salt miners, scientists, and travelers alike. You may very well feel you’re at the end of the Earth. Best Mekʼelē Hotels, Ethiopia Danakil Depression Tours & Trips 4. Vinicunca Mountain, Peru Yes, it does look like a painting, right? But, it’s not. Otherwise called Winikunka, Montaña de Siete Colores, or Montaña de Colores, it lies 5,200 meters above sea level. It is famous for the peaks and slopes’  colorful rainbow patterns. Thus also appropriately known as the “Rainbow Mountain”. It is believed that the unique colors are a result of sedimentary deposits over time. With the weather on your side, this is one amazing 4 km (2.5 miles) hike and worth exploring.  Where to stay in Cusco Vinicunca Tours & Trips 5. Canyonlands National Park, Moab, USA Canyonlands is known for its dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River. Tourists tend to overlook Canyonlands National Park for Arches National Park on its doorstep. However, Canyonlands features no less than 80 impressive arches and is well worth discovering. Our photo is of Canyonlands’ most famous arch, namely Mesa Arch in Willow Flat in the Island in the Sky District. Whatever you do, don’t miss a sunset at this spectacular viewpoint.  Travel Tip: It’s an ideal RV holiday!  FREE DOWNLOAD: Canyonlands National Park Map Where To Stay In Moab Canyonlands National Park Tours & Trips 6. Caño Cristales, Columbia Also known as the River Of Colors, Caño Cristales lies in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. Other names include the “River of 5 Colors” and “Liquid Rainbow”. All of which are evident in summer when the river turns red thanks to a unique endemic plant species (Macarenia clavígera) on the Columbian river bed. Besides this unique phenomenon, you will be surrounded by “jaguars, cougars, anteaters, eight different kinds of monkeys, 550 species of birds, 1,200 species of insects, 100 species of reptiles, 50 different species of the orchid flower, as well as an amazing array of plant life”. Yes, all of this in the Serranía de la Macarena National Park. Pack your bags! Hotels near Caño Cristales, La Macarena Caño Cristales Tours & Trips 7. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska What you see is another natural phenomenon that has left scientists baffled for years. The different shades of blue in the ice crystals inside these caves in the Mendenhall Glacier are jaw-dropping scenes. The absolute best value for your buck is to join a tour group to experience the beauty of these natural ice formations. However, you can go by car to Glacier Spur Road. From here you’d have to walk the rest of the way, which is around 2.4 km (1.5 miles). Free Download: Mendenhall Glacier Trail The 10 best hotels & places to stay in Juneau Mendenhall Glacier Ice Adventure Tour 8. The Crooked Forest, Poland There are so many different theories about the Crooked Forest (Polish: Krzywy Las) near Gryfino. Yet, the general take is that the trees were deliberately manipulated in the 1930s for shipbuilding. That said, nobody knows for sure. There is no record of why only these 400 pine trees grow as if they are part of a fairytale. The best hotels & places to stay in Gryfino, Poland 9. The Wave, Arizona, USA I don’t blame you for thinking you may be looking at Jurassic Park! In the Coyote Buttes ravine, some 1.6 km (5,225 feet) above sea level, stands Arizona’s The Wave. The incredible sandstone rock formation lies on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of the Colorado Plateau. Because of the not-so-well-marked trails, I highly recommend teaming up with a guide. The 4.8 km (3 miles) hike is moderate in difficulty. At 190 million years old, this is one of the greatest geological wonders on our planet. Travel Tip: The only way to hike The Wave is with a permit. Don’t forget to take plenty of water.  The 10 Best Canyonlands National Park Hotels Canyonlands National Park Tours & Trekking 10. Dead Vlei, Namibia You will find this white clay pan inside the Namib-Naukluft Park, near Sossusvlei in Namibia. Dead Vlei, or Deadvlei, means “dead marsh”. You’re looking at trees that are around 1,000 years old, scorched by the sun. The area was not always this dry. On the contrary, it was brimming with life around 900 years ago. Then the climate changed, the landscape dried up and so Dead Vlei was eventually blocked off from water access by towering dunes. If your goal is to die with memories, and not dreams, then a trip to Sossusvlei will be one of your most outstanding memories. Full Article on Sossusvlei, Namibia The 10 Best Places to Stay in Sossusvlei, Namibia 11. NAZCA Lines, Peru Tour Nazca Lines | Book the Best Tours on Viator Places to stay near Nazca Lines 12. Lake Hévíz, Hungary Private Independent Thermal Lake Hévíz Visit from Budapest The 10 best resorts in Hévíz, Hungary |

Síaréna Eplény, The Largest Ski Resort In Hungary

Ski you later! Hungarians are not blessed with a vast range of snow-ski-resorts, but all hope is not lost. Síaréna Eplény lies in Hungary’s Veszprém County, at an altitude of 388 meters above sea level.  With careful planning, you stand a good chance to get into your ski boots. And if it’s already autumn, best you start planning.  Road in the forest near Eplény. Your best options on how to get to Eplény Eplény is about 119 km outside Budapest. That makes it well under 2 hours driving by car (via Route 8 and M7), and an ideal weekend getaway.Popular nowJasper – Stargazing Paradise | All you need to know Alternatively, hop on a train that will take you into Eplény, operated by Hungarian Railways (MÁV). Coming from Budapest (Budapest-Deli platform) the journey by train is around 1h52m (fastest option). You’ll have a 7-minute layover time which I’ve included in the time estimate. Skiing in Eplény Síaréna Eplény is the nearest ski resort about 3.4 km from the village. With 8 ski lifts you’ll ski across 7.7 km of which 5.4 km are easy skiing. Advanced skiers have a 1 km challenge, whereas expert skiers have 1.3 km to show off their skiing ability. Together, you have plenty of scenic downhill skiing across the 16 pistes. Incidentally, it’s Hungary’s only ski resort with a chairlift. Dress for the occasion No need to worry if you don’t have the necessary ski gear. There is a ski outlet that will gladly assist in complete ski and snowboard rentals and equipment.  You may as well follow Intersport Síaréna Eplény on Facebook. They have programs that run throughout the year, well worth a trip or two. Ski passes Intersport Síaréna Eplény is also the go-to for your ski passes. They run specials from time to time, so again, join their Facebook to stay in the know. Usually the season runs from early December to late March. Generally, the later (around March) you go, the better chance of snow you have at such low altitude. A day ticket can be from HUF 9,900 for adults, HUF 8,900 for students, and HUF 7,000 for children. Time for après ski Après ski and skiing goes together like butter and bread. In true tradition the refined practice of ending a long, cold day with spiked cider or mulled wine, huddling with friends to unwind before heading home can also be enjoyed at Síaréna Eplény. Hotels near Síaréna Eplény Veszprém is about 23 minutes (21 km) by car from Síaréna Eplény, and offers a wider range of places to stay, including hotel stays.  Eplény is a very small village (8.28 km²) with a small range of guesthouses in true Hungarian hospitality.  And as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s the nearest village to the ski resort. Check availability in Veszprém Check availability in Eplény Source: Eplény – Intersport Ski Resort – Síaréna – Hungary Come, get lost with me in hungary… The Best of Hungary | Your Travel Guide Eger | The Legend of The Bull’s Blood The Best Of Budapest | Free 4-Day Itinerary List Of Upside Down Houses In The World Discover Hungary