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Some people would love to go on a big cruise ship to a wonderful destination.  However often the idea of a cruise ship in the open oceans and just the thought of motion sickness, makes us shift the idea to one side.

Well I can think of nothing more romantic than a cruise on a river.  This is a dream vacation.   And the options are endless.

mosel river
moselle river route

The Moselle River Valley

Well this brings me to the Moselle River Valley.  This is one of the most picturesque places in Europe with its vineyards flanking the river and pretty buildings lining the river banks.

The Moselle Valley (In French :  Moselle / In German: Moseltal) is a region in the North-East of France, South-West Germany, and Eastern Luxembourg.  The Moselle runs through, and along the borders of, the three countries.

The Cities you will find along the river are:  Cochem / Trier / Bernkastel-Kues / Koblenz / Metz / Toul / Pont – a-Mousson / Thionville / Wasserbillig / Remich / Epinal / Schengen / Grevenmacher

Beautiful bridges along the river (some of which are very impressive) are:  Moselle Viaducht / Roman Bridge / Baldwin Bridge / Kurt Schumacher / Pont des Morts / Moselbrücke / Gülser Eisenbahnbrücke / Moselbrücke Ehrang / Moselbrücke Löf-Alken / Viaduc de Vandières (Viaduc de la Moselle) / Moseleisenbahnbrücke in Koblenz (Moseleisenbahnbrücke)


Even if you don’t do the river cruise, and you decide to tour the Moselle Valley on your own, do stop at the following two villages:

moselle river


The Moselle region is a famous wine region and whenever you have the opportunity to tour this valley along the river you just have to stop at Beilstein.  This tiny cobblestone village with almost no shops are nicknamed the “Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel” and she is beautiful.  More and more travelers are discovering this beautiful little town.  It is worth a nice stop over for a night or two.