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Most beautiful libraries in the world

Why not add a library to your itinerary - You might be surprised

In the modern world of today, you might not think to add a visit to a  library to your travel list.  However, this might be one of the best ideas for travel activities.  Some of the libraries out there are simply spectacular and we don’t even know it.  They are excellent photo opportunities. Here are a few libraries around the world that you must visit:

Starting with Paris in France:

Mazarine Library

Stuttgart, Germany:  Stuttgart City Library (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart)

If you love an “all white on white” clean look in décor, this is for you.  Again a person with a fear of heights might not appreciate its interior.  I will never be able to explore the whole library, but it is impressive:  All 8 floors.

Location: Mailänder Platz 1, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Architect: Eun Young Yi
stuttgart library white books

Vienna Austria: The Austrian National Library

Founded in 1368, this is the largest library in Austria and it is situated in the center of  Vienna. The baroque architecture is simply stunning and a visit to the baroque state hall is a must.  Undoubtedly the library is one of the most beautiful historic libraries in the world and quite busy.
Location: Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
Architect:  Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach
vienna national library

Austria:  Admont Abbey Library

This library is breathtakingly beautiful from the floor to the ceiling.  Done in a late baroque style, this is definitely also one of my favorites.  Above all, they are also the world’s largest Monastery Library.  You will not regret visiting this unique library as it is more than worth a visit.  You can click on the photo below to go to their website and have a “digital tour”.
LocationKirchplatz 1, 8911 Admont, Austria
ArchitectJoseph Hueber
Most beautiful library in Poland Warsaw university library

Poland:  University of Warsaw Library

This award-winning building is something to see. Total surface: 60 000 m 2 Library’s surface: 40 000 m 2