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The most unusual places in the world

When it comes to weird and unusual places, we have some that will grab your attention.

Mt. Kelimutu volcanic eruption crater lakesdistinct colors visit Indonesia

1. Mount Kelimutu


Want to see something weird? Weirdly, at Mt. Kelimutu you will witness the result of a volcanic eruption that is home to three separate crater lakes, all of the distinct colors – black, blue, and turquoise.

However, that is not where it ends. The colors change ALL the time! So, no guarantee of what colors you will see when you go!

How bizarre is that!

  • Best time to visit: May to September
  • Getting there: Book a flight to Ende. From Ende, take a bus or taxi to the nearest village from where people usually trek (2.5 hours) to the lakes and mountains.
Monolith Of Uluru The Worlds Largest Rock is in Australia

2. Monolith Of Uluru


The world’s largest single rock is in Australia, i.e. Monolith Uluru.

With a height of 348 meters and a circumference of 5.8 miles, this is the world’s largest rock and one of the weirdest places on earth.

One single mountain-sized rock that stands alone. It maintained its position as the surrounding rocks deteriorated, becoming the longest-lasting Monolithic rock structure.

  • Best time to visit: September to November
  • Getting there: Catch a flight to Yulara.  From Yulara, you can either drive yourself or take a taxi or a bus to Uluru. Getting a hired vehicle gives you the freedom to spend as much time as you like taking photos and sightseeing.
Unusual Places Aokigahara Forest travel and explore weird and spooky places in Japan suicide forest

3. Aokigahara Forest


This is not only one of the world’s most unusual places. It is also super creepy!

The Hollywood movie The Forest explores the eerie nature of the Aokigahara Forest which is said to have been haunting people for a very long time. 

Also called the Suicide Forest, this jungle lies at the foothills of the famed volcano Mount Fuji in Japan. It’s believed that over 500 people have committed suicide in this spooky jungle, notorious for its endless cases of haunting and visions of ghosts that have occurred here.

  • Best time to visit: mid-June to mid-September
  • Getting there: Take a taxi or bus from Tokyo to the entrance of the forest and stop right there. Don’t go further.
Unusual Places sailing stones travel and explore Death Valley USA moving stones

4.Sailing Stones

Death Valley, California, USA

How weird is this? Death Valley in California is known for its Sailing Stones, a mystery that has bewildered many generations since 1915. 

The discovery of a track inscribed by a particular stone that had moved in the dry land prompted the locals to study the geological phenomenon to learn more about this mystery. Since then, many rocks have moved on their own. It’s believed that the movement is the result of the formation of ice around the stones (although unconfirmed).
  • Best time to visit: mid-October to mid-May
  • Getting there: Catch a flight to McCarran International Airport. Then, take a taxi or bus to see the moving stones in Death Valley.

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Unusual Places Ruby Falls Cave within Lookout Mountain near Tennessee travel and explore USA nature natural

5.Ruby Falls

Tennessee, USA

Talk about unusual places on our planet, then this sure is one!!

Since millions of years ago, Ruby Falls Cave within Lookout Mountain near Tennessee features prominent cave formations like stalactites and stalagmites, columns, drapery, and flowstone. The 145 feet (around 44 meters) high underground waterfall is illuminated to create this spectacular purplish hue.

Now, this is what I call a hidden gem!

  • Best time to visit: It’s good to visit all year long.
  • Getting there: Catch a flight to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. Then, hop on a bus or take a taxi to the Lookout Mountains.
Unusual Places Oneuli Beach travel and explore Hawaii USA black sand beach
Unusual Places Oneuli Beach travel and explore Hawaii USA black sand beach sunset

6. Oneuli Beach

Hawaii, USA

Also known as the Black Beach.

Soak in the view of the black sand, a result of volcanic activity over centuries, amidst the crystal-clear waters at the picturesque Oneuli Beach, Hawaii.

It’s a paradise for swimmers and those who snorkel. Certified instructors are available to teach you how to snorkel if you have not mastered it yet. You will not regret a dive into this beautiful black sand beach. In addition, you’ll be impressed by the raw beauty of the cinder cone and coastal environs. The 106 m (350 ft) high rim of the cinder cone is the best spot for magnificent sunrise or sunset views.

  • Best time to visit: April to May
  • Getting there: Drive from Wailea towards the Grand Wailea Resort in Makena. 4 miles south of the resort is a dirt path to the parking lot of Oneuli Beach.

7. Die Rakotzbrück

Altes Schloß 11, 02953 Gablenz, Germany

Also known as Nature’s Own Ring.

The 19th-century Die Rakotzbrück bridge is famous for its unique construction accuracy, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from. Known as the mysterious ‘Devil’s Bridge’, both the ends of the Rakotzbrücke have thin rock spires installed, to make it look like natural basalt columns, which commonly occur in many parts of Germany.

A bit spooky in some way, right!?

  • Best time to visit: May to September
  • Getting there: Fly to Dresden. Then, take a train to Gablenz from Dresden Hauptbahnhof. From there you can take a taxi to the Devil’s Bridge.

Check for the cheapest flight tickets here.

Weirdest and Unusual Places Lake Natron travel and explore Tanzania

8. Lake Natron


Looking for some weird places in the world? Lake Natron is one of the most unusual places and one of the scariest in the world!

Animals that die in this African lake are turned into mummies through calcification because of the presence of huge volumes of sodium bicarbonate. The high alkaline collection results in the lake looking red during summer. This is the reason this lake is also known as the ‘Petrifying Lake’. Despite all these conditions, it is grazing ground for the Lesser Flamingos. 

Fancy a dip? I’m not so sure about that!

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Unusual Places distinctive tourist destinations in the world the Tianzi Mountains travel and explore China

9. Tianzi Mountains' Tall Natural Structures

Hunan Province of China

One of the most distinctive tourist destinations in the world, the Tianzi Mountains served as the sole inspiration for the Avatar sets. The abrupt rise of these mountain peaks from the terrain produced a stunning scene. These mountainous regions are situated inside the Wulingyuan Scenic Area and cover an area of 21 square miles. The mountains are the result of sedimentary rock erosion over millions of years.

Unusual Places Iguazu Falls in Argentina travel and explore Argentina

10. The Iguazu Falls


The Iguazu Falls in Argentina is one of the widest waterfalls in the world.

If cascading waterfalls captivate you, plan a trip to this beautiful destination and prepare to be blown away. 

  • Best time to visit: July to October and February to April.
  • Getting there: It’s easy to reach the Iguazu falls; like a mere bus or taxi ride away from both Buenos Aires and Rio.  Fly to either Foz do Iguaçu Airport (IGU) in Brazil or Cataratas del Iguazú (IGR) in Argentina.  Check for the cheapest flight tickets here.

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