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Travel to Namibia Places to see

When you take the road to Namibia

At first, I was not sure what to expect.  Crossing the border I was thinking “what did I think – booking a holiday here”, and then coming back I was thinking “I want to go back”.  Namibia gets under your skin and stays in your heart.  Once you left footprints in the sand, you will always want to go back.  Namibia is a land of beauty beyond the dessert.

It’s a beautiful country.  At times very dry and you might think all you will see is a dried-out bush or empty rivers, but that is far from the truth.  Let’s discover the hidden gems of Namibia and discover wonderful things to do:

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A starry night

Firstly when visiting Namibia do make time to have a look at the stars at night.  Especially when visiting an area out of town. There are many options for guided tours in the Desert or going on a camping experience with maybe 4×4 trails included.  These are truly special experiences.

When in Namibia always be on the lookout to spot the wild horses. The Namib Desert Horse is a rare feral horse found in the Namib Desert of Namibia.

Best things to do and places to see in Namibia


This almost sad destination in Namibia is actually a photographer’s dream.  Old houses still preserved in the heat of the day reminds of what was….  Sand now filling up the corridors of the buildings reminds us that nature will take back what belongs, once we humans leave.  It is a spectacular sight to see and definitely worth putting on your travel bucket list.

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Visit Kolmanskop in Namibia
Things to do in Namibia

This ghost town is in the South of Namibia, about 10 kilometers from Lüderitz.

This was once a beautiful little town in the height of diamond-mining-fever times.  Unfortunately the mining depleted by the 1930’s and the people left and abandoned their homes to trek after other diamond opportunities elsewhere.  By 1956 the town was completely abandoned after the hospital closed.

Kolmanskop (also known as Kolmanskuppe or Kolmanskoppe) is a place you must visit with a tour guide.  It is much more fun and you learn a lot from the history and the story behind this ghost town.