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Where is Namaqualand?

Namaqualand’s landscape ranges from a coastal strip in the west to semi-desert areas in the north-east. In addition, it is famous for its indigenous flora species which makes Namaqualand a popular route for international and local tourists. In other words, you are set to find joy in Namaqualand!

Namaqua National Park is about 87km from the nearby town Springbok. The very small town of Kamieskroon is more or less in the center of Namaqualand, 20km west of Namaqualand National Park.

When is the flower season starting?

The beginning of the flower season varies from year to year but it usually occurs between August and October.

Millions of brightly colored flowers pop up almost overnight. Similarly, the typically dry and quite harsh landscape is transformed into a wonderland of flower carpets – an unbelievable feast for the eyes. Namaqualand daisies is a favorite amongst tourists because its orange, yellow, and white flowers create a magical flower carpet. Truly a festival of flowers for as far as the eye can see. This is the time when you fall short of words.

Are the flowers planted by farmers?

Without sowing a single seed, the flowers sow themselves year after year. Year after year they create messages of splendor and symbolizing love.

There is a narrative about how Namakwaland was created. God created the entire earth with its fauna and flora. He then had a handful of mixed seeds in his hand, gazing over the landscape with the sun in His eyes. And so He sneezed and his hand opened at that exact second and the seeds were blown over the barren land. And this is how it all started.

This conservation area has the highest concentration of succulent plants in any of the world’s parched regions. 

In conclusion, spring is coming to an end when purple vygies bloom.