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If you want to leave the crowd of Hallstatt behind Obertraun is the perfect option.

Obertraun Austria - Where to stay What to do Hallstatt - Travel and Home

Why stay at Obertraun

When planning to visit Austria, there are so many wonderful, beautiful and awesome places to choose from.  It can be a daunting task.  So I thought of giving you a bit of info on a town near HallstattA wonderful place to stay when you want to visit Hallstatt but try to escape the crowds.  As Hallstatt is often the most popular place to visit, people might miss out on the beautiful town just across the magnificent Hallstätter See. Obertraun in Upper Austria is only about 9 minutes (5 km) away from the popular Hallstatt, by car.  Should you decide to stay in Obertraun there is a ferry connection directly to Hallstatt.

Hiking from Obertraun to Hallstatt

Can you walk from Obertraun to Hallstatt?

The “Ostuferwanderweg” connects the three lakeside communities of Bad Goisern, Hallstatt and Obertraun with each other.  If you are a nature lover, this is a perfect hike to do.

You can walk via the main road between the two, but it is not a very attractive route and you’ll be walking on the sidewalk of a busy road.  The Ostuferwanderweg is the more scenic nature hiking route and it is definitely worth it to go this way.  After doing this route, you’ll understand why it is known as “der schönsten Wanderwege im Salzkammergut”.  It is an easy hike which families can do together and it offers panoramic views.  

Near the Obertraun lido, about a 5-minute walk from Obertraun train station, the Ostuferwanderweg begins opposite the ship landing stage. We do recommend doing a trip on the ferry  (maybe on your way back) if at all possible, as it certainly is one of the best ways to see Hallstatt.  Just beautiful.

Obertraun near Hallstatt Best places to stay things to do Why you should visit Obertraun

What does Obertraun offer

As Hallstatt can be a bit expensive, Obertraun is an excellent option as alternative, but make no mistake this small village has its own beauty.  The nature scenes are just beautiful as you would expect and you have the lake…    As we do understand that most people visiting this area, are here to see the famous and beautiful Hallstatt, let’s look at what there is to do in the area of Hallstatt:

Obertraun is the smallest of the 4 World Heritage communities in the Inner Salzkammergut, but it is beautiful come winter, summer or any other season.

Obertraun Dachstein - Where to stay What to do Hallstatt - Travel and Home

Including winter activities like:

  • Skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Ski Touring
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Tobogganing
  • Snowboarding

Summer activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Explore family-friendly hiking routes
  • And I just love walking around in the town
  • Hiking the Dachstein Salzkammergut
  • Do an E-Bike tour around Lake Hallstatt


Hallstatt is certainly one of the most picturesque places in Austria, it is no wonder everyone is going photo crazy.  However if you want to impress your Instagram followers, Hallstatt just across the water, is a popular photo spot.  And if you love nature photography, Obertraun is just as beautiful.

Things to do

  • Refer our article on Hallstatt for more ideas
    • Hallstatt was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997. This culturally historic region is now known as the Dachstein Salzkammergut-region. Amongst Hallstatt’s numerous “treasures” are the World Cultural Heritage Museum, the archeological excavations, the Catholic Church with its mountain grave yard and “Charnel House”.
  • Take the Dachstein World Heritage Cable Car up to the very impressive Giant Ice Cave and the Mammoth Cave
  • From Obertraum you are near enough to include the following places in your tour:
  • The spectacular “5fingers” viewing platform is the best place to stop for more spectacular photos.
Obertraun - Where to stay What to do Hallstatt - Travel and Home
Dachstein Obertraun - Where to stay What to do Hallstatt - Travel and Home

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave – is an impressive stop to make during your stay.

Family Holiday Destination

The holiday region of Dachstein Salzkammergut offers great family activities.  Therefore it is in my opinion a fantastic family holiday destination.

  • The nature and mountain adventure world at the Dachstein-Krippenstein-area offers exciting adventures
  • Visit the Adventure World of Koppenbrüller Cave
  • Strandbad Obertraun/Gemeinde Obertraun – Enjoy something to eat and drink at ‘Seecafé Obertraun am Hallstätter See’ and fantastic swimming opportunities in the most stunning location ever. It is also near the Obertraun Skateboard Park as well as a beautiful kiddie’s playpark.  There are bikes to rent and it is near the ferry stop to Hallstatt. Need I mention the beautiful views again?  LOL
    • Parking in the ‘Parkplatz Strandbad’ / parking lot will give you access to everything. Or you can stay at the Hotel Haus Am See, which is situated right there.  (With beautiful views across the lake.)

In summary the villages, Hallstatt, Gosau, Bad Goisern and Obertraun, offers winter activities for those bad weather days as well.  In my opinion the breathtaking vistas across the beautiful lake and mountains, with numerous paths to follow is wonderful free outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy.  A picnic outside will definitely entertain kiddies and the “Hallstatt – Dachstein/Salzkammergut” region is a place you will want to return to again and again.

Where to stay

Something Different @ Park am See

Stay in a beautiful park and sleep in the uniquely restored trailers.  Make memories as you sit outside at night looking at the lights of Hallstatt across the water.  (The park includes a playpark for kids.)  Although this is quite a romantic venue..

New Heights @ Lodge am Krippenstein

You can only reach this lodge by cable car;  A two minute walk from the mountain station of Dachstein-Krippenstein Cable station on the Krippenstein Mountain. Offering an infrared cabin, and ski-to-door access this will be a memorable stay.  Spectacular mountain views awaits you as it is only a 20 minute walk away from the 5 Fingers viewing platform.  The views from the lodge are stunning.

Search more popular accommodation options and compare price: