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The Best of Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania is only one of the original thirteen USA colonies, that is land-locked. Thankfully, Lake Erie and the Delaware River provide for 225 km (140 miles) of waterfront.

Mount Davis Pennsylvania USA hiking
The highest point in Pennsylvania is at Mount Davis (above) at 979 m (3,213 ft)

The origin of Pennsylvania

Founded by William Penn, in October 1682, he named the state after his admiral father Sir William Penn. The state was founded as a place to practice freedom of religion which Penn sought desperately. This is because Penn was persecuted in England for his Quaker religion. No wonder then that the state is also referred to as “the city of Brotherly Love”.

“Sylvania” means “woodlands” in Latin.

Also known as The Keystone State, Pennsylvania is centrally located along the arch of the original thirteen colonies.

Other name references are Quaker State, Oil State, or simply “PA”. “PA” is the postal abbreviation used by many people as a slang way of referring to the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is known for...

If you’re into American history, then Pennsylvania should be on your bucket list. For starters, this is where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Namely in Independence Hall. It is also here where the Constitution was written.

If you’re into sweet stuff, then look no further than Pennsylvania. It is the home of the famous candy brand, namely Hershey! 

Furthermore, mushroom-lovers will enjoy visiting this rectangular-shaped state of the USA!  They produce almost two-thirds of the white mushroom buttons Americans love to consume.

Famous Pennsylvanians USA travel and home

Hershey's Chocolate World