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Perth, known as the ‘city of lights’ and famous for being the city with the most hours of sunshine in Australia | UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Hillarys Perth city travel and home cities in Perth Perth
Hillarys boat harbor is one of Western Australia's top tourist attractions.


  • Spring and early summer reward travelers with an abundance of wildflowers across landscapes in Western Australia.
  • June to December travelers in Western Australia will enjoy the magnificent whale migration.
  • The Margaret River is the setting for plenty of outstanding gourmet events, usually around mid to end November.
  • February and March are the months when the Chinese New Year festivals are running.
  • March to May is when spectacular red and orange autumn leaves provide for great photoshoots.


  • Christened the “city of lights” back in 1962, it famously got its name because the American astronaut John Glenn identified Perth while orbiting space. Because all the street lights were on, and everyone participated in switching on lights, the city was highly visible.
  • Perth has the most sunshine than any other capital city within Australia.
  • The city lies on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.
  • Kings Park is the largest inner-city park in the world. Yes, even larger than Central Park in New York!
  • The Perth Mint is the oldest operating, from its original premises, mint worldwide.
  • Perth is a superb starting point to explore Australia and South-East Asia. It’s only three hours from Bali by plane. A flight to Sydney and Melbourne is less than four hours. Furthermore, in under seven hours of flying time, you can discover the best of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.
  • Ngangaguringguring Hill is known as the place with the longest name in or near Perth.
  • Kalgoorlie Mine is the largest producer of gold worldwide.
  • The Super Pit is a massive mining pit visible from space at a length of 3.5 km and a depth of about half a kilometer.
  • Perth’s International Art Festival is the oldest festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere.
  • The adorable Quokka made Rottnest Island their home and is a huge tourist attraction.
  • Perth made it to the Australian Book of Records for having the longest straight section of railway road worldwide, namely a 478 km long track.
  • The largest rock in the world is 852 km from Perth, namely Mount Augustus. It is 8 km long and 3 km wide, covering 4,795 hectares, and is estimated to be 1,750 million years old.

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