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Piccadilly Circus London Travel and Home

Why you should visit Piccadilly Circus

No, Piccadilly Circus is not an actual Circus (with clowns and acrobats) that’s situated in London.  It is in fact a road junction and public space of London’s West End, located in the City of Westminster.

The word “circus” comes from the Latin word meaning “circle”.  This junction connects Regent Street with Piccadilly and is famous for the video displays and neon signs mounted on a corner building.  Also called the Piccadilly Lights (situated at Piccadilly Circus, London W1D 7ET, United Kingdom). Often a popular “destination” for many Instagram photo spot seekers. 

You can almost say Piccadilly Circus is London’s equivalent to Times Square in New York City, although, at the same time, it is quite different. However do not confuse this as a peaceful tourist stop where you can sit back and relax, as it can get quite crowded with daily commuters at times.  The fact remains it is a popular tourist stop for taking photos.

Piccadilly Circus is only a 12-minute walk and a 4-minute train ride, away from the famous Oxford street, so you can easily combine the two destinations.

While you’re there you can admire the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain (also known as the Piccadilly statue of Eros, but it is actually a statue of Anteros), which was erected to commemorate Lord Shaftesbury’s philanthropic work. 

Best location - Accommodation near Piccadilly Circus

The Hotel Cafe Royal is a beautiful option and very centrally located.  They are close to some of the best tourist spots in the area.

Places you can visit:
  • The Royal Academy of Arts (4 min)
  • Criterion Theatre (2 min)
  • Her Majesty’s Theatre (4 min)
  • Piccadilly Theatre (2 min)
  • Queen’s Theatre (4 min)
  • Haymarket Theatre Royal (4 min)
  • The famous Carnaby Street (6 min)
  • And one of our favorites – Hamley’s Toy Store (6 min)

….to name only a few…

Where to stay near Piccadilly square in London

You’ll find the area rich with beautiful theatres – so you’ll definitely have a lot of entertainment options right within walking distance, or almost on your doorstep.

Where to stay near Piccadilly Circus