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Looking for the best ski slope accommodation in Poland? 

Beautiful places to stay in Poland for ski trips best ski destinations in Poland Zakopane

Look no further.  

Ski Time in Poland can be fun for the whole family, especially if you have awesome accommodation.  Here are a few suggestions:

Where to stay in Poland


NOSALOWY DWÓRRESORT & SPA received the 2020 World Travel Award as Poland’s Best Ski Hotel. 

This is only one of the many awards they have won over the years.

The resort consists of four unique facilities: Rezydencja I Nosalowy Dwór – Rezydencja II Nosalowy Dwór – Hotel Grand Nosalowy Dwór and Hotel Nosalowy Dwór.

Kotelnica Białaczańska Ski Resort

Kotelnica Białaczańska Ski Resort received the 2020 World Travel Award for being Poland’s Best Ski Resort

It is also the largest ski station situated in the Podhale region:  Situated in the heart of Białka Tatrzańska, it is an excellent choice for both the experienced as well as the inexperienced ski enthusiast.

The resort facilities includes a ski school, ski and snowboard rentals and many more. 

Poland Ski Holiday – Accommodation Suggestions

CROCUS HOTEL & SPA received the 2020 World Travel Award for being Poland’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel.

The perfect location:  Only 700 m from the Wielka Krokiew Ski Jump.

 Nearby ski lifts:
  • Gigant – 650 m
  • Nosal – Bystre Lift 4 – 950 m
  • Nosal – Bystre Lift 3 – 1,000 m
  • Nosal – Bystre Lift 2 – 1 km
  • Nosal – Bystre Lift 1 – 1 km
  • Krzeselkowy Lift 1 – 1.1 km

Hotel Crocus is situated at the foot of the Tatra National Park, 3.1 kilometres from the Szymoszkowa Ski Lift.

The famous and beautiful Krupówki Street where most of Zakopane’s restaurants, pubs, clubs, discos and shops are situated, is only a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

Things to do in Zakopane Poland

Things to do while in Zakopane / Krupówki - Poland

Winter is not the only perfect time to visit Poland.  The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia and Poland is beautiful in summer as well.

The mountains are part of the Carpathian mountain chain and forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. The Tatras are home to wildlife including the Tatra chamois, marmot, lynx and bears.  Do visit the Tatry / Tatra National Park while you’re there.

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