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I left my heart in Portofino

Portofino small but so pretty

Portofino is a pretty little fishing village on the Italian Riviera.  Typically to Italy, the beautifully colored buildings makes for beautiful photos.  

Visit Portofino Most beauriful places in Italy

Is Portofino worth a visit

In my opinion Portofino is definitely worth a visit, especially if you want to include it as part of a trip to other places in Italy (as suggested below).  To the question of spending a night in Portofino, I would say yes if you can afford it.  Visiting Portofino is a nice day trip.  However there are so much to do, and spending a night in the magical Portofino can be a very romantic gesture.

Love in Portofino:

Picture yourself having lunch on the terrace of a beautiful hotel.  Enjoying the view from the hotel at dinner… Listening to “I found my love in Portofino”…

This is what dreams are made of.

Portofino boats

Where to stay

The Belmond Splendido Mare Hotel is getting very positive feedback from visitors and high ratings.  You might consider this as an option.  Especially if you’re looking for a romantic place to stay.

A list of the most popular places to stay in Portofino

Portofino in Italy Beautiful places to visit

Ready-made Vacation Trips and Tours to Portofino

Be your own travel agent, and book a fantastic multi-day tour:  Explore Portofino and discover the beauty of the Cinque Terre. 

What is the Cinque Terre?

The Cinque Terre is a group of 5 seaside villages in the Italian Riviera.  They are famous for their colorful houses and vineyards on steep terraces along the Mediterranean Ocean.  This beautiful part of the Liguria region boasts with pretty harbors filled with fishing boats and trattorias where you can enjoy the best Italian seafood specialties.

The Cinque Terre includes: 1) Monterosso al Mare; 2) Vernazza; 3) Corniglia; 4) Manarola; and 5) Riomaggiore.

The Cinque Terre Hiking Trail

The famous Sentiero Azzurro cliffside hiking trail links the villages and you will struggle to get these awesome vistas anywhere else.  Walking the Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail is a bucket list item for anyone loving outdoor hiking.

Combine tours to arrange the perfect holiday

Although Portofino is not part of the official Cinque Terre, you can book a tour that includes both.  Depending on the amount of time you have, you can also include a trip to the Amalfi Coast and discover Positano, Sorrento, Capri and so much more..

When asking the question:  Which is better Portofino or Cinque Terre?  The answer is:  They are all in a class of their own.  In my opinion if you can do both, do it.  The distance between the two is 73,9 km (approx. 1 hr. 26 min) via A12/E80.

Be your own travel agent.  You can book the tours online, flight and accommodation, all from directly from this page.  No additional cost to you.  You get the best value for your money and the best deals.  Book with people you can trust.

2-Night Cinque Terre Tour from Florence

Discover the Cinque Terre and chic Italian Riviera towns, including 3- to 4-star hotel accommodation in Santa Margherita as your base. Enjoy the beauty of the coastal villages of the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre, followed by a day of free time in glamorous Portofino. Round-trip transport from Florence is included.

The Best of the Amalfi Coast

Positano, Sorrento, Sant' Agata, Ravello, Nerano, Amalfi, Atrani, Maiori, Minori, Cetara, Salerno, Vietri Sul Mare, Erchi and more.. All waiting for you along the Amalfi Coast.

10 Things to do in Portofino Italy

  • There is a path leading from the harbor area to Castello Brown, where you will have the most beautiful panoramic views of the town and the Ligurian Sea. (Photo opportunity.) There is also a museum with art exhibitions and panoramic views over the town and the Ligurian Sea.  It is breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Paddle boarding and snorkeling is great in Portofino as the sea is beautiful and clear.
  • Enjoy lunch at the restaurants right at the port  (Baia di Paraggi) and watch the luxury yachts and boats going and coming in to the port.
  • Take a boat trip out to open water and view the beautiful port and coastline from the best spot ever: “A view from the sea towards land”.
  • Between Camogli and Portofino you will find the “Christ of the Abyss” a submerged statue of Jesus Christ. An excellent diving experience.
  • Visit the Portofino lighthouse with its ocean-view bar, the Al Faro di Portofino Lounge Bar.  Offering spectacular views.
  • Walk around at La Cervara-San Girolamo Abbey at Monte di Portofino.  A medieval abbey with beautiful formal gardens and a fantastic view.
  • Musee Du Parc is an open-air museum with scenic views featuring classic & contemporary works of art.  You can visit the museum from June to the end of September every day except Tuesdays.
  • Did I mention taking a walking tour or just a casual walk in the Parco di Portofino (a beautiful protected area with well marked trails.  Some easy and other a bit more difficult.)  For all the information needed on the park and the trails, visit their website for updates:  Link 
  • If you enjoy shopping Portofino has some luxury boutiques to spend time in.

Map, location(s) & directions

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When is the best time to visit

The best time to visit Portofino in Italy is from June to September, when you will have pleasant temperature and limited to very little rainfall.

Nearest airport to Portofino

The nearest major airport to Portofino is the Christopher Columbus airport (Aeroporto Christoforo Colombo di Genova) in Genoa (GOA).

How to get there

  • You can rent a car from the airport, as it is a relatively short drive.  The airport in Genoa is 1 hr 2 min (44,3 km) via A12/E80 and Via Aurelia, from Portofino.
  • Another option is an airport transfer to your hotel in Portofino.  You might prefer this option as the Italian streets are very narrow and you might feel uncomfortable to do your own driving in some places.
  • If you are visiting more places in Italy, like Santa Margherita, you can take a ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino.
Portofino harbour

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