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Proceed with caution: You May Fall in Love with Positano

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In love with Positano

Positano,  the “Place to Stop”

Positano means “Place to Stop”, and it sure is THE place to stop! Located in the South of Italy on the Amalfi coast, this vertical town is a showcase of colors and splendor. No wonder so many tourists fall in love with Positano. Although Positano is one of the more expensive summer destinations in Europe, it is not to be missed.

There is an activity for everyone’s pocket and likes.

If you are searching for a place to stay in Positano, there is a wide variety to choose from, and some at promotional discounts as we speak. See the discounted packages at the end of the page.

Positano is also the location of more than a handful movies over the years, such as Under the Tuscan Sun (2004), and Only You (1994) with Robert Downey Jr..

Things to do in Positano

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You will never be bored in Positano, because the list of things to do is endless. 

So, this is the time to enjoy the beach(es) and waters of Positano:

  • Relax on Spiaggia Grande beach which is one of the longest (300 m) beaches on the Amalfi coast. Alternatively, take a path from Spiagga Grande to Fornillo’s beach for a more peaceful spot.
  • Rent a boat or go on a boat tour or a sunset cruise.
  • Scuba dive, swim, snorkel, fish, paddleboat, or kayak.
  • Explore the Grottos.
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Explore Positano by foot, and fall in love…

  • Hike The Path of the Gods
  • Find out about Positano’s ancient history at Museo Archeologico Romano.
  • Visit The Church of Santa Maria Assunta.
  • Buy a lemon sorbet.
  • Lunch at one of the many restaurants and enjoy the best of Italian cuisine over a bottle of Rosé wine. Or opt for a “light” pizza lunch. 
  • Do some limoncello tasting, Italy’s famous liqueur made only by lemons, sugar, and pure alcohol.
  • Shop local handmade sandals
  • Meander through the many cobblestone narrow alleys.
  • Do some hiking on the trails above this picture-perfect destination and enjoy exquisite views.
  • Visit one of the art galleries, and very important…
  • Take plenty of photos!
  • Take a day excursion to Capri or Amalfi, either by road or boat and while you are at it…
  • Rent a scooter and explore the coastline roads for amazing scenery.
  • Dance the night away!
  • Or like in the last photo below, get married in this romantic destination!!

Cheap flights to / from Naples

The airport of Naples called Napoli Capodichino is the nearest international airport, located around 60 km from Positano.


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